Franklin Nelson
Foggy Nelson D
Alias(es) Foggy Nelson
Appeared in Daredevil
Status Alive
Actor Jon Favreau

Franklin Percy "Foggy" Nelson is a lawyer, the best friend and associate of Mat Murdock.



Foggy is Matt Murdock's best friend and associate, sharing with him the Nelson & Murdock, a law firm. He likes his job, but complaints with Matt because of the choices he does about the assisted ones, since his partner always accepts to defend innocent people, which are almost every time poor, and pay the two lawyers with anything they can afford to, thus including cheese and other food, furniture and toys, which Foggy's office is full of. During an exclusive dinner, Foggy tried to put Nelson & Murdock in Wilson Fisk's list of lawyers, but Matt firmly refuses, declaring that he'll never defend guilty ones, with Foggy's disappointment at he loss of money his friend caused.

He often takes a coffee with his partner, debating on everything, from work to urban legends, which Foggy loves. Matt usually mocks his friend because of his faith in the existence of sewer's gators or urban "myths" like Daredevil. In one occasion, Foggy tries to put mayonnaise in Matt's coffee, but eventually the blind lawyer gives him his cup and Foggy ends up drinking it. When Elektra Natchios is killed, Foggy proves to be sensitive to his pal's grief and tries to make him cheer up.

Character traits

Foggy is an intelligent and able lawyer as well as a good person, although he can be greedy and childish. He is always ready to help his friend Matt Murdock and they share a deep friendship, even if they spend most of the time playing and joking.



Behind the scenes


  • Many of Foggy's scenes were cut from the final release of the movie; but they're available in the Director's cut.
  • Favreau later appeared in more Marvel movies, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming as Tony Stark's friend and driver, Harold "Happy" Hogan.
  • In the comics, Foggy is not as greedy or ambitious about taking on wealthy (and guilty) clients as he is in the film.
  • Like in the film, for the first few several decades in the comics, Foggy was unaware that his partner Matt was Daredevil. It was only during the 90's that he found out Matt's secret.
  • In the comics, Foggy also knew Jack Murdock and attended his boxing matches since Jack's time of death in the comics, was while he and Matt were in Law School.



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