Frederick Schist
F. A. Schist
Alias(es) F.A. Schist
Appeared in Man-Thing
Status Deceased
Actor Jack Thompson

Frederic Schist is a land developer, enemy of Man-Thing.



Leader of an oil company, Frederick Schist illegally builds an extraction central in the middle of a swamp in the Everglades. The place was a sacred land for the Native Americans living there, who called it "The Nexus of All Realities". Schist ignored the locals' protests and had Ted Sallis, the chief shaman, killed.

Some time after Sallis' homicide, a strange "beast" started to kill Schist's employers and whoever else dared to enter the swamp. Schist begins to hunt for the creature, trying to use and later to kill the new sheriff, Kyle Williams, sent to replace the last one who disappear because of the monster.

During a final confrontation between Schist, the sheriff and the Man-Thing, a legendary protector of the Nexus who's no one else than Ted Sallis reborn thanks to his people's magic, Schist is ultimately killed by the monster.

Character traits

Frederick Schist is a greedy and merciless dealer, who's got no remorse to steal and kill in order to reach his profit. He's got a brilliant mind and a tactician's intellect, which he uses in his affairs, most of the times illegal ones.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, the character's name is Franklin Armstrong Schist, often shorten to F.A. Schist.


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