Frost Beast
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Appeared in Thor
Thor: The Dark World

The Frost Beast is a type of enormous creature from Jotunheim.



Seeing that his men have been quite overwhelmed by Thor Odinson's power, Laufey resolves to use his trump card against the Asgardians that have invaded his realm and unleash from the stone a Frost Beast, a hulking behemoth who starts hunting for the Warriors Three, Loki and Sif, who're trying to escape.

When a strike from Mjölnir makes the ice surface of Jotunheim break, the Frost Beast seems to fall with the other giants, much to Fandral's relief. The Beast, however, keeps running under the icy surface, going upside down thanks to its claws. When the Asgardians reach the end of the flatland, the Frost Beast surfaces, and is about to kill them. In that very moment, Thor uses his hammer to fly, and breaks through the roaring monster's throat, killing it instantly. The Beast's corpse then falls in the abyss of Jotunheim.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor and Malekith's battle during the Convergence spans multiple realms, with one portal taking them to Jotunheim. There they were pursued by a Frost beast who followed them through a portal back to Midgard (London) where it then devours one of the Dark Elves. After the Convergence had passed, the Frost Beast was left stranded in a empty parking lot where it chases a flock of birds.

Character traits

Frost Beasts are enormous, feral monsters, with sharp teeth and claws and a giant spiked tail. Their claws allow them to run even on vertical or upside-down surfaces.



Behind the scenes

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  • This creature bears a strong resemblance to Atum the God Eater, aka the Demogorge, a gargantuan monster from the Thor comics.



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