Gaitano Cesare
Gaitano Cesare
Alias(es) Don Cesare
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Deceased
Actor John Dunn-Hill

Don Gaitano Cesare was the most important mob boss in New York.


Punisher: War Zone

Don Gaitano Cesare is the most important mob boss in New York, the lord of all mafia families. One of his subordinates is Billy Russoti, who he constantly blame for his vanity, lack of intelligence and, especially, because of his psycho brother, Loony Bin Jim. Just after an argue with Russotti, Cesare, restrained in a wheelchair and with oxygen mask for breathing, is reached, during a dinner with all his men and family, by The Punisher, who decapitates him with a hunting knife.

Character traits

Gaitano Cesare is a powerful man, with absolutely no respect for human life, even the one of his own men. He's a pitiless and vulgar man, who despises everyone who doesn't agree with his rules.


Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Don Cesare is one of the first characters introduced in Garth Ennis' MAX series. Unlike the film, in the comics, Don Cesare was virtually in a vegetative state, with no real power. He was shot and killed by the Punisher at his birthday. Dozens of mafiosi chased after the vigilante to get revenge, but they were slaughtered in an ambush the Punisher set up.
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