Alias(es) Shatterstar
Appeared in Deadpool 2
Status Deceased
Actor Lewis Tan
Gaveedra-Seven, also known as Shatterstar, was an alien from the planet Mojoworld and a member of X-Force.


Deadpool 2/Once Upon a Deadpool

Hailing from the planet Mojoworld, Shatterstar (also known as Rusty) eventually came to Earth somehow.

Shatterstar auditioned to be a member of X-Force. A team of Mutants the mutant mecernary Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool was putting together to protect teenage mutant child Russel Collins from the mutant time traveling soldier Cable. Although passing Shatterstar annoyed Wade when he claimed to Deadpool that he was him, but better. After the team is briefed of the plan to rescue Russell, he is next seen on the cargo plane along with the rest of the X-Force. Although Peter warned the team about the high winds that could affect the drop, Wade ignored him and the team jumped from the plane. Although it seemed to be going fine at first, the predicted heavy winds caused every member of the team except Wade and Domino to die in a horrific way. Shatterstar himself died when he fell into the rotating blades of a helicopter, his green alien blood splattering all over the chopper. Wade however felt little remorse for Shatterstar claiming he was “kinda of a dick”.

Powers and Abilities


  • Skilled Swordsman:


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Behind the scenes

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  • In the mainstream X-Men comic books, Shatterstar is a founding member of X-Force, alongside Cable. Shatterstar hailed from the Mojoverse, a parallel universe from the Earth-616 universe. In the comics, Shatterstar eventually became romantically involved with young mutant Rictor.
    • According to the character, Mojoverse seemingly exists within the X-Men Cinematic Universe.
  • Despite dying in Deadpool 2, the character is slated to return in X-Force. This is possible due to Deadpool meddling with time in the mid-credits scene of Deadpool 2, preventing the events of the movie from even happening, thus preventing Shatterstar's death.


Deadpool 2

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