Location Eastern Seaboard
Status Active
Appeared in X-Men
X-Men: The Last Stand
Dark Phoenix

Genosha is a small island that serves as the base of operations for Magneto and also as a safe haven for Mutants.


Orginal Timeline


Founded by Magneto,Genosha was were he and The Brotherhood of Mutants tested their plan to turn the worlds leaders into Mutants on senator Robert Kelly. While the experiment worked Kellys new abilities allowed him to escape and contact the X-Men.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Magneto returned to Genosha after the events of Alkai Lake where it was once again used as their headquarters. When Mystique was captured, Magneto along with his associates planned to find her and free her along with the other Mutant criminals she was locked up with. However when they managed to free her she was shot with the Mutant Cure forcing Magneto to leave her behind. After this Erik moved his Brotherhood to an area in the woods.

New Timeline

Dark Phoenix

Magneto resides in Genosha, offering refuge to mutants with no home to go.

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