Gitano Dragonetti
Appeared in Blade
Status Deceased
Actor Udo Kier

Gitano Dragonetti was a vampire elder and the leader of the House of Erebus and Deacon Frost's subordinate.



Gitano Dragonetti is a vampire elder and the leader of the House of Erebus. He's quite worried about Blade's attacks against the vampire race and, along with the Shadow Council, he blames the young Deacon Frost for his excessive recklessness, dragging too much attention on his clubs. Frost says that the whole policy of the Council is wrong, that vampires should rule over humans and not making secret alliances with them, but Dragonetti reminds Frost of his place, implying that a non-pure blood vampire shouldn't even sit at the Council.

When Frost's plans on La Magra are about to get accomplished, Dragonetti is kidnapped by Mercury and taken to a seaside, where Frost exposes him to sunlight, killing him. His teeth are later brought to the Council as a proof he's dead, thus giving Frost the power on it. His last words to Frost are that he will fail.

Character traits

Dragonetti is a proud and powerful vampire, who firmly believes in the superiority of "pure blood" vampires over "transformed" ones. He wants to preserve his race's masquerade, by secret alliances with human authorities.

He posses all of vampires abilities, such as superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, senses and stamina, immortality and invulnerability to any kind of arm but silver, garlic and sunlight.


Behind the scenes

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