Golden Jaguar Habit
Golden Jaguar Habit
Alias(es) Golden Jaguar suit
Golden Jaguar uniform
Creator Shuri
Owner N'Jadaka
User N'Jadaka
Function Protective suit
Status Inactive
Appeared in Black Panther

The Golden Jaguar Habit is a protective suit that was worn by N'Jadaka, until his death at the hands of T'Challa, which is composed of a weaved vibranium with retractable vibranium claws.


Black Panther

The Golden Jaguar suit is one of the 2 suits T'Challa had to choose from in Shuri's lab.


  • Wakandan Technology: The Golden Jaguar suit is now one of Wakanda's more advanced products, housing an advanced array of sophisticated technology to greatly enhance the user's capabilities as the "Black Panther".
  • Suit Materialization: The Golden Jaguar suit's nanites to the user's vibranium tattoo, similar to Tony Stark's use of the Telepresence Headset, is able to mentally command the suit to materialize from it's necklace with the same energy field generated capable of shredding any other clothing it replaces. Due to the helmet being integrated into the suit, N'Jadaka is able to summon and dismiss the helmet portion at will, as well as just its lenses.
  • Energy Redistribution: The Golden Jaguar suit has the ability to redistribute stored energy. It can receive energy from any incoming source, such as bullets being fired at the user or attacks from enemies, that it's nanites will hold in place to release later. The suit begins to glow purple from it's accumulated charge of energy, to which N'Jadaka can use either by releasing it all at once, or to charge his strikes during combat, further augmenting the force behind them.
  • Kinetic Energy Pulse: The user can utilize the kinetic energy absorbed from the bullets being fired at him, N'Jadaka was able to use the propelling force to launch himself further into his pursuit. When he was overwhelmed by many members of the Dora Milaje, the suit gained an increasing amount of energy from their attacks that N'Jadaka was able to release as a much more powerful and devastating pulse, strong enough to send multiple enemies flying.
  • Retractable Claws: Like it's predecessors, the Golden Jaguar suit possesses retractable razor-sharp claws that are able to cut through almost anything, such as the wheel disk or roof of a car. However, the Golden Jaguar suit can deploy claws out of the fingertips as well as it's knuckles.
  • Sound Nullification: The user wears sound absorbent shoes while using the Golden Jaguar suit, which completely absorbs any sound generated by their contact on any surface, enabling N'Jadaka's footsteps to be completely masked, making it easy for him to be stealthy.
  • Communication System: The Golden Jaguar suit has a built-in communication system, allowing N'Jadaka to control a Wakanda jet through his Kimoyo Beads.


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (1 film)


  • The Golden Jaguar suit is one of two upgraded versions of the traditional Black Panther suit.


Black Panther

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