Grace Donatelli
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Alive
Actor Stephanie Janusauskas

Grace Donatelli is the daughter of Nicky and Angela Donatelli.


Punisher: War Zone

Grace is the only daughter of Nicky and Angela Donatelli. When her father dies by the hands of The Punisher, she's contacted by the latter, who wants to give money to the Donatelli family in order to ask forgiveness for his mistake. A little after, she and her mother are reached by Jigsaw and his brother, who want to take back the money Nickey stole them. They're saved by The Punisher and Paul Budiansky, who arrests the criminals. Castle, anyway, knows that the Russottis will be out in no time, and so take the Donatellis to his place, under the protection of Carlos Cruz. Grace is found by Castle playing the toys of his dead daughter, and he gives them to her, saying that she'd be happy knowing that Grace has them.

When Jigsaw is freed, he sends Loony Bin Jim to the Donatellis: Cruz is killed and the two are kidnapped and taken to Jigsaw's base. In here, Grace is taken as hostage, and Jigsaw forces Castle to choose who's going to be saved, Grace or his best friend Micro. The latter asks Frank to kill him, wanting to save the child, but Frank shoots Jim instead; Micro is anyway killed by Jigsaw, but Grace and her mother are saved by Budiansky. After the battle, Grace and Angela forgive Castle, who gives his farewell to them as they're taken home by Budiansky.

Character traits

Grace is a normal child, who has been forced to face situations unsuitable for her age. She's courageous and constantly worried for her mother, Angela.


Behind the scenes

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