Green Goblin
Oscorp Exo-Suit
Alias(es) Oscorp Exo-Suit
Creator(s) Oscorp
Owner(s) Harry Osborn
User(s) Harry Osborn
Function(s) Exo-Suit
Protective suit
Status In Use
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Green Goblin is an exo-suit that was piloted by Harry Osborn.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The exo-suit was one of the many creations developed by Oscorp. The suit was primarily used by Harry Osborn when he stole it to fight Spider-Man. Harry also stole a glider as a mode of transportation.

After Peter and Gwen defeated Electro and decided to go to London together, Harry arrived with his father's weaponry. He deduced Spider-Man's identity after seeing him with Gwen and, wanting revenge for being denied the blood transfusion, grabbed Gwen. He fought Spider-Man atop a clock tower near OscorPower. Spider-Man managed to get Gwen back and webbed her to a gear in the clock, but after he subdued Harry, the gear snapped the web and Gwen fell. Peter attempted to catch her with a web but she hit the floor, dying from the impact. Harry was later sent to Ravencroft Institute.


  • According to a deleted scene, the exo-suit was designed to help its wearer remain mobile while it healed them from their injuries.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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