Alias(es) Earth Demon
Appeared in Ghost Rider
Status Deceased
Actor Laurence Breuls
Gressil was one of The Hidden, a trio of fallen angels who hid themselves in the elements escaping the wrath of God, and there await for Judgment Day. Gressil hid himself in the element of earth, gaining its characteristics and powers.


Ghost Rider

When Blackheart wants to make up a rebellion against his father Mephistopheles, the Hidden follow him in his crusade. They're found in a bar in the desert and summoned with the sacrifice of the lives of all the clients. Blackheart and the Hidden leave the desert and go to the place the contract of San Venganza was once buried, but find a railroad station in the place of the cemetery. The four demons are reached by the Ghost Rider, sent by Mephisto to stop them. Gressil puts up a fight with him, crushing him against a wall with a huge truck. Ghost Rider survives, and envelops Gressil with his chain, charged with Hellfire. The demon can't resist the mystical fire and had his soul burnt by the chain, leaving behind only his physical body, turning into stone

Powers and Abilities

Gressil was an Earth-Demon, an elemental composed by earth able to control his own element. As a fallen angel, he possesses the regular demons' weaknesses based on sacred symbols and grounds.

  • Immortality: Gressil is immortal. His vessel is virtually immortal in the fact than he does not age or get sick, nor does he require food or oxygen to survive, though he can still be slain by supernatural means.
  • Healing Factor: Gressil's vessel healed completely in a matter of seconds after Ghost Rider punched him in the face.
  • Teleportation: Gressil could appear and disappear instantaneously.



Behind the scenes

  • Gressil's costume was made so that it resembled a snake's skin.


  • In demonology, according to Sebastien Michaelis, Gressil is the demon of impurity and uncleanliness, third in the order of Thrones.


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