Joseph Gatt as Frost Giant Grundroth
Appeared in Thor
Status Deceased
Actor Joseph Gatt

Grundroth was a Frost Giant.



Grundroth was a Frost Giant, a member of Laufey's army. He fights with Thor when he arrives along with Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three to invade Jotunheim, where he fights Hogun with twin Ice Daggers. He was later one of the Frost Giants that was brought to Asgard, by Loki, along with his king, Laufey, to assassinate Odin. He is one of the Giants assigned to gaurd the Bifrost Bridge and an incapacitated Heimdall, who was earlier frozen by Loki using his Frost Giant powers. However Heimdall was eventually able to break free of his icy prison and decapitates Grundroth, just as he was about to strike.

Character traits

Grundroth was a brutal and violent Giant, eager for battle and loyal to his ruler, Laufey. As all Frost Giants, he possesses superhuman physical attributes, such as strength, stamina, speed and reflexes, and a freezing touch, which harms anyone who's not a Giant.



Behind the scenes

  • Joseph Gatt had to stand five hours of make up in order to portray Grundroth.


  • In the comics, Grundroth is the leader of a faction of Frost Giants shrunken after a major defeat at the hands of the Asgardians. After being restored to their full size by Loki and Iceman, Grundroth comes back to be a henchman of Utgard-Loki.


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