Hamish Mycroft
Alias(es) Merlin
Appeared in Kingsman: The Secret Service
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Status Deceased
Actor Mark Strong

Hamish Mycroft was a Kingsman staff with the codename Merlin. He was the one who oversaw testing of the Kingsman candidates and was the tech wizard of the organization.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Merlin appears in the movie where he greets the recruits and tests them in different ways from filling their dorm with water to a parachuting exercise. He later appears as Roxy's examiner where he ordered her to shoot her dog to earn the title "Lancelot". When she succeeds, he congratulates her.

When Gary finds out that Kingsman was infiltrated by Richard Valentine, he orders Roxy to stand down and asks the duo to aid him in stopping Valentine by having Roxy shoot one of the satellites Valentine is using and Gary to infiltrate Valentine's party to plant a bug to hack into Valentine's system.

He later assists in the battle with Valentine by activating his chips remotely to cause all of Valentine's comrades to explode their heads. At the end, the world is saved and the mission is successful.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

It is stated that Merlin was Charles "Charlie" Hesketh's former mentor when Charlie entered Kingsman. When Kingsman headquarters was lost, Merlin states to Gary that he survived because he didn't put his address in the files. He travels to Kentucky where he is reunited with Harry Hart who suffers from amnesia and to stop Poppy Adams from using drugs to extinguish humanity. He later sacrifices his life for Gary when he accidently steps on a landmine but his death is avenged by Harry and Gary.

Character traits

Dry sense of humor, appears to be very good at keeping emotions separate from his work, with very few exceptions. Demands respect from potential Kingsman recruits.



Behind the scenes

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  • According to the novelization of The Golden Circle, his first name is Hamish.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

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