Hammer Industries

Hammer Industries is a weapons manufacturer company led by Justin Hammer.


Iron Man 2

The company competed for the trust of the US government with Stark Industries. When Tony Stark became publicaly known as Iron Man, the scientists of Hammer Industries attempted to replicate the Iron Man armor but failed in all areas. The test pilot in the Hammer suit barely survived being twisted one-eighty degrees around. The footage of this incident was shown publicly by Tony Stark during his hearing with Senator Stern, to prove that there was no need for him to hand over the Iron Man armors to the U.S. government. Hammer was so jealous of Stark that he broke Ivan Vanko out of French prison after he attempted to kill Stark at Circuit de Monaco. Hammer wanted Vanko to improve on his developing suits so that he could upstage Stark at the upcoming Stark Expo.

Luke Cage

"Moment of Truth"

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"You Know My Steez"

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Known Products


  • Movie scenes at Hammer Industries were actually filmed at the American Space Exploration Company known as SpaceX.
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