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The Harrow is a spaceship used by the Dark Elves, which are powered by black holes. The Dark Elf nation had a large fleet of these vessels for the defense of their realm Svartalfheim, to serve as transport for fighter craft and soldiers to other planets and realms, and to provide fire support for ground armies.


Thor: The Dark World

All but one Harrow was destroyed by order of Malekith in a series of suicide bombings upon the armies of Asgard and his own people in a vain and foolish attempt to gain some revenge. The debris of these vessels littered Svartalfheim. The remaining Harrow, Malekith's, was later sent back to the dead realm of Svartalfheim, damaged and destroyed, crushing Malekith as it collapsed.


  • Stealth: The Harrow class vessel has some of the best stealth capabilities in the Nine Realms. They are all but invisible to the naked eye, even Heimdall was unable to see them. This makes it incredibly unlikely that humans or perhaps other races would have any better chance of detecting a Harrow that is using its stealth technology.
  • Interdimensional travel: Harrows are capable of jumping between dimensions readily and traveling between relative locations in space time faster than light would be capable.
  • Interdimensional sensors: Harrows can track the Nine Realms and their relative locations to each other.
  • Durability: A Harrow was able to drift in an asteroid field for 5,000 Earth years and reactivate with no apparent difficulty. There also appeared to be no damage from asteroid impacts, meaning either the ship is built of material strong enough to not be affected by asteroids or it has some form of defensive system, perhaps revolving around gravity due to the Dark Elf use of singularities on their vessels.

Behind the scenes

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  • As in previous incarnations, Dark Elves are hurt by contact with metal, especially iron, these vessels may not be metallic in nature at all. Given their appearance, especially when Heimdall sliced a fighter open with his knives, they may not have metallic components at all or may have metallic based technology that is shielded to prevent harm to the crew.  


Thor: The Dark World

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