Harry Heck
Harry Heck
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Mark Collie
Harry Heck was a professional killer, hired by Howard Saint to kill Frank Castle.


The Punisher

When Heck finds him, as a signature, he sings a song for him in Johnny Cash style, leaving him immediately after. When Castle is in his car, Heck follows him and manages to force him to crash after a short pursuit. When he's about to kill Castle with his gun, the Punisher extracts a knife. Believing it's a normal knife, Heck lowers his guard, but Castle has removed the hinge pin allowing the blade of the knife to shoot out and stab Heck in the throat, killing him.

Character traits

Harry was a cold and pityless killer, who believes in a personal sense of honor; as a sort of reward (and as a personal signature) towards his victim-to-be, he writes a song for him and sings it moments before the killing.

Harry was a skillful car driver, able to overcome the Punisher on the road, and a capable gunman. He was also a quite skilled musician.



Behind the scenes

  • Since his character was going to be a musician killer, Mark Collie contributed to The Punisher's soundtrack as well.


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