Henry Gyrich
Henry Gyrich
Appeared in X-Men
Status Deceased
Actor Matthew Sharp

Henry Gyrich is an aid to Senator Robert Kelly.



Henry Gyrich was an aid to Senator Robert Kelly, although it was quickly revealed that "he" was actually Mystique, who has murdered the real Gyrich and taken his place. A television news report later stated that Gyrich's body was found, apparently mauled by a bear (in reality Sabretooth).



Behind the scenes

  • In an early scrap of X-Men, Henry Peter Gyrich was supposed to ally himself with William Stryker and create the Sentinels, but the script was later changed.


  • In the comics, Henry Peter Gyrich is an agent of the NSA in charge of controlling the Avengers. He is also an enemy of the mutant community, being the one behind Bastion's "Operation: Zero Tolerance".
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