Henry Pym
UA Giant Man thumb
Alias(es) Hank Pym
Appeared in Ultimate Avengers
Ultimate Avengers 2
Status Deceased
Actor Nolan North

Henry "Hank" Pym was a scientist who created both a helmet that can contact with Ants and a suit that can changing the size of big or small his superhero name was Ant-Man and Giant-Man and was a member of the Ultimate Avengers.


Ultimate Avengers

Henry utterly loathed S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury when they choice Bruce Banner to head the super soldier product instead of him.

Working on his own with his wife, Janet, he developed a helmet that allowed him to control ants, and more importantly, his Giant Man formula, which allowed him to grow up to 60 feet in height.

Believing himself to be the ‘biggest’ player in all The Avengers, Pym felt he should be leader of the team. Their first mission was a complete failure because Pym refused to follow Captain America’s orders. After he felt the team blamed him, he left, ordering his wife to leave with him.

He later joined the fight against Chitauri and helped defeat them before getting pounded by The Hulk on several occasions. He reconciled with the team afterwards, but an ego as large as Hank Pym’s doesn’t inflate with one defeat.

Ultimate Avengers 2

With his ego as inflated as ever, Giant Man was trying to out-do himself and began experimenting on himself in an attempt to grow beyond 60 feet, despite the fact his organs would fail him if he did.

He and Janet had been struggling with their marriage due to his ego. When she was injured in an attack by the Chitauri, he vowed to be the husband she always wanted him to be. He later sacrificed himself to take down the Chitauri Mothership, suffering from massive internal injuries in the process.

Character traits

Egotistical, arrogant and far too in love with himself, Henry was also known to hold a grudge, as evidenced when Nick Fury came to his lab, and he used ants to spell out "SHEILD SUCKS" on the wall.


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