Hope Summers
Appeared in Deadpool 2
Status Alive
Actor Islie Hirvonen

Hope Summers is the daughter of mutant soldier and time traveler Nathan Summers.


Deadpool 2/Once Upon a Deadpool

Born in the future to mutant solider Cable and his wife. Hope grew up happily with her family until a murderous mutant despot named Firefist emerged. When Cable mad it his duty to stop him Firefist retaliated by coming to his home and burning Hope and her mother alive killing them. A devastated Cable then made it his mission to go back in time to the year 2018 and kill Firesfist as a teenager before he could become a threat. Throughtout his mission Cable kept his daughters stuff teddy bear as a memento to remind him what and who he was fighting for. However thanks to the mutant mercenary Deadpool, Cable spared Russell who also abandoned the evil and murderous path he was on changing the future and reviving Hope and her mother.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Hope was the adopted daughter of Cable and was a Messianic figure destined to save both mutant and humankind. She was constantly being hunted causing Cable to take her into the future. Bishop made it his personal mission to hunter her down, knowing that she has the potential to kill millions.


Deadpool 2

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