Hulk Dogs
Hulk Dogs
Appeared in Hulk
Status Deceased

The Hulk Dogs are three genetically mutated hounds.



The "Hulk Dogs" are a breed of dogs created using gamma radiation and DNA from Bruce Banner by their master David Banner. The group consists of a Poodle, a Bull Mastiff, and a Pit Bull. David Banner was attempting to unleash the Hulk upon everyone and created the dogs to find and kill Betty Ross. The dogs ruined a peaceful moment for the Hulk and Betty when they come out of the forest and engaged the Hulk in battle. The Bull Mastiff and Pit Bull engage in battle with the Hulk, while Betty is in the midst of being terrorized by the Poodle. The Hulk and two male dogs fight in the treetops and fell back down to the ground. The Hulk then slams a stone on the Pit Bull's face, knocking it out. The Hulk kills the Bull Mastiff by thrusting his fists down it's mouth and smashing it. The Poodle then tries to attack Betty, but the Hulk body-slams it onto Betty's windshield, killing it. After it seems the battle is over, the Pit Bull tears into the Hulk's shoulder. The Hulk enlarges his neck and shoulder size which breaks the dog's jaw, Hulk then slams it onto Betty's car ripping it in half, killing it as well.


Behind the scenes

  • The scene is based on Incredible Hulk #14 released in 2000. In the issue the Hulk is attack by a pack of massive Gamma infused dogs sent by General Ryker.


  • Ang Lee's son designed the dogs.
  • The three have name. According to the concept art of the three, the Bull Mastiff is named Smokey, the Poodle is named Lily, and the Pitbull is named Sammy.
  • Originally, according to the Official Illustrated Screenplay, the battle between the Hulk and Hulk Dogs was slightly longer and had Hulk killing the dogs differently. For example the Pit Bull was killed by Hulk squeezing it's head until it crushed.
  • The dogs originally were to melt after defeat.
  • Originally, one of the dogs were to grab Betty in it's mouth, injuring her.
  • This scene is considered by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) to have been their most complex work at the time.



Concept Art

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