Insight Helicarriers
Appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Insight Helicarriers were three heavily weaponized Helicarriers with Tony Stark's Repulsor Engines that were programmed with Zola's Algorithim to eliminate threats to HYDRA.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Three heavily weaponized Helicarriers were being worked on when Fury spoke to Rogers about "getting with the program" and accepting modern homeland security. Each of the vehicles was connected to Project Insight, a program initiated by the World Security Council to synchronize all three helicarriers to a satellite, creating a formidable defensive superweapon.

When Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill joined Rogers to take down Insight, all three of the Helicarriers were operational, preparing to synchronize with the satellite's algorithm. Armed with false targeting chips, Rogers and Wilson managed to take out the first two but the Winter Soldier defiantly guarded the final Helicarrier's core, leading into an extended fight.

When the Winter Soldier was incapacitated, Rogers inserted the final false chip into the helicarrier's core, resulting in all of the helicarriers targeting each other. A gargantuan firefight began in the sky as the vehicles destroyed one another; Pierce looked on from the Triskelion in disappointment.


These Helicarriers have a slightly different design, more visible weapons systems, and are larger than the Helicarrier seen in The Avengers. They also use different means of propulsion lift (instead of wind turbines), they use large repulsors, recommended by Tony Stark after being caught and almost crushed in one of the fans while attempting to fix it after Hawkeye's attack. 

The Insight Helicarriers were next generation and more advanced than the original. They were more heavily armed with missiles and long range dorsal and ventral guns and cannons. They also possess radar and visual cloaking capabilities, making them difficult to detect by other means. Their most dangerous system, however, was the battery of anti-material gun turrets capable of targeting individual people. With Zola's algorithm, they could be used to carry out mass assassinations of Hydra's targets.


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