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The Mark V armor was designed by Tony Stark to fit into a suitcase making it easy to transport.


The Mark I, V, VII and Mark XLII are the only known "Iron Man" armors that don't require a heavy robotic gantry system for getting in and out of the suit. The suitcase containing the fully armored suit weighs approximately 30 lbs. It has a special system of cerebral-like overlapping strips of titanium exterior. It is equipped with JBF-030581 Mark V palm repulsors. Due to the high potential for others to access the mobile Mark V, Stark informed Agent Coulson that he increased the biometric security system. Before activating, the suit scans the person's face, retinas, fingerprints, voice, and brainwaves. If any of these fail, the suit locks up, effectively capturing the potential thieves.

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