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The Mark XXII War Machine 2.0 Prototype suit (or Hot Rod) was designed for James Rhodes after the battle with Whiplash and the New York battle as a prototype for the War Machine armor. It gets its name, "Hot Rod", for the flame-like design on its arms and legs plates, resembling a "Hotrod" car.

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This is a non-weaponized prototype of the War Machine armor, having no external weapons. It has the same defense as the first War Machine armor, but 1/3 of the weight. It also features technology comparible with that of the Mark V.

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Iron Man 3

The suit was created after the New York battle. Tony realized that there couldn't be one suit that could do anything, so he started building suits specializing in certain areas and was presumably placed into the Hall of Armor along with the rest of the Iron Legion. When the "House Party Protocol" was ordered, it flew to assist Tony in the battle with the Extremis soldiers. When Tony called for a suit, Hot Rod appeared but it was taken away by an Extremis soldier who shoved a yellow pole through the suit.


  • It is unknown why all the suits were made for Tony as Hot Rod was originally designed for Rhodey.
  • The War Machine Mark II was created before the events of The Avengers, however, it is believed that Stark started creating the Iron Legion after The Avengers, thus this suit should have been earlier in the designs, being the Mark 7-10. It is possible that Stark was going to scrap it but decided at the last second to add it in as one extra suit. It is still unknown how this all works. This is similar to the Silver Centurion and Blue Steel armors.
  • Both that are stated above are most likely errors the crew and animators didn't think about while making the Iron Legion and Iron Man 3.
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