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The Mark XXXVI Riot-Control armor (or Peacemaker) was created after New York.

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Peacemaker's design was based out of Red Snapper's design, bearing much resemblance to it, with the exception of the absence of claws from the suit, instead being replaced with normal arms and hands, and the color scheme being changed to orange. This suit was designed to stop riots and control them easily. The suit also has non-lethal Sonic Repulsors that are used to stabilize crowds and riots when faced in a situation as such. Although it is equipped with these unique Repulsors, it still has the standard Repulsor technology which it uses to fly as well as for flight stabilization.

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Iron Man 3

It was created after the battle of New York and became part of the Iron Legion. When the "House Party Protocol" was ordered, it and the other Armors came to assist Tony in Florida. It was either destroyed by the "Clean Slate Protocol" or the Extremis soldiers.

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