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The Mark XXXVIII Heavy Lifting suit (or Igor) was created, perhaps surprisingly, for construction and heavy lifting, not for combat purposes.

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Bulkiest and largest armor to date: upgraded to objects quadruple the mass of the suit. What appears to be armor plating was not meant for protection, but rather as a solid foundation for carrying heavy loads without stressing the internal pistons and/or inner workings of the suit. It is the thickest and largest suit of all the Iron Man armors due to the Enhanced Multiple-layered Titanium Plating.

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Iron Man 3

It was created after the Attack on New York. It helped build Tony's wine cooler. When the "House Party Protocol" was ordered, it and the Iron Legion went to assist Tony in Florida. Although it could not fight, when the Hammerhead Armor blew up, it came and stopped the oil rig from falling. It is unknown if to was destroyed, as the rig would have fallen if it had been destroyed.


  • It was initially speculated that the suit was the Hulkbuster armor, but this was later debunked.
  • As seen in concept art, it was supposed to be red and gold.
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