Iron Patriot armor
Alias(es) War Machine armor
Creator(s) Tony Stark
Owner(s) James Rhodes
User(s) James Rhodes
Function(s) Protective armor
Status Active (as Mark II)
Appeared in Iron Man 3

The Iron Patriot armor is a protective suit of armor that was created by Tony Stark. It is a repainted version of James Rhodes' Mark II War Machine armor.


Iron Man 3

After the Battle in New York, Rhodey had his armor upgraded by A.I.M. and painted in a patriotic red, silver and blue design. It was then dubbed "Iron Patriot", and becomes the US Army's top weapon in dangerous fights overseas, particularly against the Ten Rings. However, the new suit immediately became the source of laughter from Stark and the media due to its paint job. The Patriot was used to find two possible transmission sources (both in Pakistan), but were both dead ends. The second one, however, was a ruse to kidnap the Iron Patriot for Aldrich Killian. Rhodey (still wearing the armor) was taken to Killian's base were he used his Extremis powers to force Rhodey out of it, so that the suit could be used for Killian's plans. Eric Savin used the armor to enter Air Force One.

Once aboard, he killed the presidential guard and kidnapped president Matthew Ellis himself. Savin took off the armor, and locked Ellis inside. The armor then flew Ellis to Killian's base at the Miami port. Ellis was chained up inside the armor, but was rescued by Rhodes. When Ellis was rescued, Rhodes reclaimed the armor. As Tony Stark destroyed all of his Iron Man suits, the Iron Patriot was left as the only known remaining armor.

Known Wearers

Powers and Abilities


The armor has the same systems seen in its two predecessor models, the Mark II - computer system with extensive sensor systems, Global Positioning System, in-armor communicator/phone, repulsors installed on each hand, Thruster Boots - and War Machine - a shoulder-mounted gatling gun and and various concealed weaponry.


  • Fire/Heat: The Iron Patriot armor was proven to be vulnerable to extreme heat. When Aldrich Killian used his Extremis powers to heat the suit, the suit opened itself and ejected James Rhodes.


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (1 film)

Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, the Iron Patriot armor is used by Norman Osborn, but Osborn is part of the Spider-Man franchise, the rights of the characters are owned by Sony. The Iron Patriot armor is instead an upgraded version of the War Machine armor with an American flag motif to resemble Captain America.
  • Despite going by the Iron Patriot, Rhodes still preferred the War Machine moniker, using it as his A.I.M. login and password.
  • As of the conclusion of Iron Man 3, the Iron Patriot armor is the only armor remaining active after Tony Stark destroyed his existing armory.


Iron Man 3

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