Jack TAS
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man
Status Alive
Actor Jake Keiffer
Jack was a citizen of New York City who was saved by Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man

When The Lizard attacked New York, Jack was in one of the cars that fell off the Williamsburg Bridge. Spider-Man managed to web it to the bridge to stop it falling into the water below. Jack's dad Troy called for help and alerted Spider-Man to the fact that Jack was still in the car.

Spider-Man rushed to the car where Jack was scared and trapped by the seat belt. The car burst into flame. Peter took his mask off to look less scary and gave it to Jack to wear to make him strong enough to climb out of the car. As Jack began to climb towards Peter, the car fell with him inside. Spider-Man shot a web at Jack and successfully pulled him free from the falling car.

Spider-Man lifts him up to the bridge, taking his mask back and returning Jack to his father who hugged Jack tight and asked Spider-Man who he was.



Behind the scenes

  • Jack was first featured in the 4-minute super preview of The Amazing Spider-Man.


  • Spider-Man took his mask off in front of him because he was young and could not understand the identity of Spider-Man.


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