Jackson Norriss
Jackson Norriss
Appeared in All Hail the King
Status Alive
Actor Scoot McNairy
"My name is Jackson Norriss. Today will be the most important of my career: my final interview with the most infamous man in America. A man that the world thought was a terrorist called the Mandarin, but is now alleged to be nothing but an actor. Thus far, the subject has been evasive and apparently oblivious to the point of my work. In fact, he seems oblivious to pretty much everything, except his own growing celebrity status, because now the whole world knows his name... This is my last chance to get beyond his lies and excuses, to confront the subject with elements of his own past, in order to unlock the truth. Because we need to know, once and for all: who is Trevor Slattery?"
―Jackson Norris[src]

Jackson Norriss is a member of the Ten Rings who posed as a documentary maker to get close to the infamous Trevor Slattery.


All Hail the King

Jackson Norriss is a documentary filmmaker who interviewed incarcerated criminal and prison celebrity Trevor Slattery. During their final interview, they talk about Trevor's past, such as his first acting gig as a child, and a promo reel for an 80's CBS crime show that never aired. Jackson tries to uncover more about who this suddenly-famous nobody really is, and how he came to find himself taking on the Mandarin mantle. To do so, he ends up telling him information about the real Ten Rings organization and its history.

Over the course of their discussion, Norriss produces a gun hidden in his camera and takes out the guards in the cell as well as Trevor's "butler", Herman. Trevor manages to get a gun and aims it at Jackson, but Jackson disarms him and aims the gun at Trevor's head. Instead of killing him, he reveals himself as an agent of the reclusive Ten Rings, and informs Slattery that there is a real Mandarin, who wants to get even with Trevor for appropriating his name. While Slattery struggles to comprehend this turn of events, Noriss initiates a prison breakout for him.

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  • In the comics, Jackson Norriss was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., became the superhero Nighthawk and had ties to the superhero team the Defenders.


Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King

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