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"I know what I am now. I'd been afraid of what was in me. The power sleeping within. But now I understand. I just had to change. And it's a scary thing, change. It can be painful for those we consider family. But there may come a time you have to leave them behind to protect them, and to better understand your own future. And despite of all that's happened, it isn't the end. Not for me, or the X-Men. It's a new beginning."
―Jean Grey[src]

Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix, is a class 5 mutant who possesses telepathic and telekinetic powers; making her extremely powerful and dangerous. Eventually, Jean is possessed by an immensely powerful cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force; granting her god-like power.


Dark Phoenix Prologue

In 1975 a young Jean accidentally killed her parents when her already powerful telepathic abilities caused her family to get into a brutal car crash. While her mother was killed were Jean survived due to putting a protective barrier around herself her father also survived the crash although heavily injured. Blaming Jean for his wife’s death her father handed her over to the custody of Charles Xavier he took her in. Shortly after this Charles Xavier offered Jean the chance to come live with him at the Xavier's School For Gifted Youngster and assuring her that whatever she broke he could fix and that contrary to her belief she was not broken. To help Jean cope with the trauma Xavier blocked out memory of her causing the accident and telling her that both her parents had died in the crash.

X-Men: Apocalypse

"I saw the end of the world. I could feel all this death..."
―Jean Grey[src]

Sometime after the events of 1973, following Logan's instructions, Xavier located Jean and learned of her vast psychic powers. Also having seen glimpses of the danger, she posed from the original timeline, and what fate would befall her if she lost control, and was far more encouraging to her about using her powers.

In 1983, Jean is a student at Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters. She is an outsider and is feared by some students due to the uncontrollable nature of her powers. She has had previous instances where nightmares (due to the emerging Phoenix Force) have caused her powers to overload and shake the whole school, scaring her fellow students. She is later seen walking to class where she bumps into new student Scott Summers with his brother Alex, he accidentally knocks her books out of her hands but she catches them with her telekinesis, she also looks into his mind briefly to Scott's annoyance. Jean goes to the campus to practice her archery, a special training technique Professor X gave her, she witnesses Scott fire energy beams out of his eyes and accidentally destroy Charles' favorite tree.

Jean later made peace with Scott after their first encounter before joining fellow classmate Jubilee and newcomer Kurt Wagner by going to the mall to skip classes for the screening of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. They also played games in the arcade and hung out at the food court for slushies. At the records store, Scott showed Jean a record by Guy George, playfully remarking she looked like him, to which Jean took mild offense.

When they return, the school has been destroyed after En Sabah Nur and his four horsemen, including Erik, abducts the Professor. The students, CIA agent Moira MacTaggert, Raven and Hank were evacuated by Peter from the explosion caused by Alex. Col. William Stryker and his men arrive and subdue the others except the students for military interrogation. Jean, Scott and Kurt sneak into Stryker's plane in an attempt to rescue them. Jean shows sympathy and compassion to Scott, whom he grieves in his brother's death.

When they arrive at Stryker's military facility in Alkali Lake, Jean noticed Charles’ telepathic distress message to the mutants in Apocalypse's schemes and thus she ensures the location of Xavier in Cairo, Egypt. One of Stryker's men spotted the teenage mutants and tried to alert the others but they escaped with Kurt’s mutant teleportation. They stopped at a lab as Jean noticed a government mutant experiment named Weapon X that was locked in a cage, revealing to be a time-displaced Logan. When the guards convey into the lab, Jean released Logan with her telekinesis as the savage mutant massacres all of the guards and lab personnel around the facility before Stryker eventually escapes. As Logan began to flee, the teen mutants followed him. Scott attempted to besiege the mutant but Jean stops him for her intent in recalling Logan's past memories before the mutant runs off into the snow.

After they rescued the adult mutants and Moira, they board the facility's astral plane to Cairo when Jean warns them that Apocalypse will transfer his consciousness to Xavier’s body and claim his mutant powers, forcing them to save him quickly. While Peter and Raven set off to convince Erik, Jean and the others began to rescue Charles while fending off Apocalypse’s remaining horsemen. They successfully do so but when they attempt to flee through the plane, the two horsemen Angel and Psylocke followed and attempted to stop them, causing Jean to urge Kurt for their escape out of the craft with his teleportation despite the latter's protests. When Psylocke and Angel manage to break in, Jean discharges the plane's controls as Kurt through intense effort teleports them away to safety before the vehicle crashes into the ground that resulted Angel’s demise after Psylocke was thrown out in the air. As Xavier began to engage Apocalypse on the Astral Plane he found himself outclassed by Apocalypse immense powers. Losing Xavier desperately called out to Jean for her help. While initially reluctant due to still being afraid of her powers Xavier reminded her that she could control her powers. With that Jean unleashes the Phoenix Force which along with the help of the rest of the X-Men and a reformed Magneto and Storm, Jean obliterates Apocalypse.

Later, Erik and Jean use their combined powers to rebuild the school and she alongside Cyclops, Quicksilver, Storm, and Nightcrawler form the new generation of X-Men with Mystique serving as their field commander as the group prepares to battle Sentinels in a Danger Room session as Xavier looks on.

Dark Phoenix

"They’re right to fear me."
―Jean Grey[src]

In 1992, nearly ten years after the X-Men’s defeat of Apocalypse, they have become hailed as heroes. Charles is adamant about retaining this image as it finally places humanity and mutantkind in harmony. Unfortunately, he maintains this by pushing the X-Men into increasingly risky and dangerous missions. The latest mission of such being a orbital rescue mission of the space shuttle Endeavor from an unusually large, purple-and-red solar flare, which would kill the team.

While Quicksilver and Nightcrawler manage to save almost all of the astronauts, they accidentally leave behind the captain. Unfortunately, the flare's proximity is causing immense heat signatures that could prove fatal, Raven orders them to fall back, but Charles admonishes her and insists they save the entire crew. Kurt and Jean narrowly manage to save the captain with Jean using her powers to hold the shuttle together long enough for Kurt to teleport the captain to safety, but the solar flare hits before Kurt can get to Jean destroying the shuttle and seemingly killing her. However miraculously she is alive.

Returning home praised as heroes Jean and Scott now a couple along with the rest of the team celebrate at a concert featuring Dazzler. However while their Jean is reminded of the space shuttle mission and unleashes a burst of power which causes her to pass out. Charles enters her mind with the use of Cerebro to see what was wrong with her Jean awakened and pushed him out. She also discovered that her father was alive and fleeced from the X-Mansion to see him. Upon reuniting with her father Jean is hurt to discover that he blamed her for the accident that killed her mother and had in fact turned her over to Xavier in the first place. The X-Men soon arrive and a fight erupts when Jean once again loses control which results in the death of several policemen and Raven. Horrified by what she had done Jean fleas to Genosha. Erik's new homeland for mutants looking for sanctuary. Jean tells Erik that she has come to him for information on how to stop hurting people. Military officials then suddenly arrive to take Jean into custody for her actions but Jean uses her powers to nearly kill them, the soldiers only being saved by the intervention of Erik who manages to get them to safety. Erik then tells Jean to leave as her actions put the Mutants of Genosha in danger.

Alone, feeling abandoned, and still feeling guilty over the death of Raven. Jean hid out in a bar using her powers to fool people into thinking she was an old man. However she was approached by a woman named Vuk. Vuk told Jean that the Phoenix Force is a gift that should be embraced and tells her she will help her understand her newfound power. Vuk is a member of the an alien race known as the D'Bari whose home planet was destroyed by the Phoenix years ago along with almost all of their who seek to use Jeans possession of the Phoenix to revive their world and race. Taking her to their base of operations Vuk teaches Jean the history of the Phoenix and its role in her planets destruction.

Erik's Brotherhood of Mutants and Charles X-Men both manage to track Jean down in New York and a fight ensues with the X-Men seeking to protect Jean and Brotherhood seeking to kill her. Erik manages to get to Jean and tries to kill her in revenge for Ravens death however Jean easily overpowers him and knocks Erik unconscious. Charles and Kurt arrive second and Jean easily subdues the latter and tortures the former by making him walk to her. Jean is goaded by Vuk to kill Xavier but Charles has Jean look into his mind and sees that while her father considered her a lost cost Charles always had faith in Jean and her capacity for good. This brings Jean back to her senses and she ask for Vuk to take the Phoenix from her. Vuk attempts to do this which nearly ends up killing her but Scott blast Vuk

Jean powered by the Phoenix Force.

away before the power can be fully extracted and Jean faints in the process. She and the others are then taken into custody by the Mutant containment Unit and are to be transferred to containment facility. However Vuk and the D'Bari attack the train and and soldiers determined to get to Jean. The X-Men and Brotherhood unite and hold off the D'Bari while Charles enters the mind of a still unconscious Jean to awaken her. Inside Charles mind he apologizes for Jean for closing off her memories but Jean tells him that she realizes Charles only did to try and protect and that she forgives him. Jean then awakens and using the powers of the Phoenix manages to use her psychic powers to lift the train into the air killing a majority of the D'Bari while also keeping her teammates and friends shields and safe.

Jean then proceeds to disintegrate the remaining D'Bari with her powers. When Vuk attempts to drain her again Jean overloads her with her power. However, seeing that she doing this on Earth will kill her friends Jean takes Vuk into space where she explodes seemingly along with Vuk.

Sometime later Jean is presumed dead by everyone else, however, unknown to them, Jean has decided to travel the cosmos; until she has gained complete control over the Phoenix Force.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Due to Logan traveling back in time and altering the past, Jean and Scott are no longer dead and are still active within the X-Men. Jean presumably either rid herself of the Phoenix Force or learned how to control it, seeing as she returned from space. She and Scott are also once again in a relationship, which Logan approves of.

Character traits

As a teenager, Jean was initially terrified of her powers, due to her lack of control of them at the time, she was treated as an outcast by her fellow students, despite the fact that they were all mutants, she also formed a close bond with Scott Summers (who she eventually developed romantic feelings for) mainly due to their lack of control over their powers, despite the fact that the two got off on the wrong foot at first.


Under the influence of the Phoenix Force, Jean develops a more aggressive personality, lashing out at anyone who she might consider a threat to her. At the same time though Jean fears this dark power taking over her and does her best to resist it leaving her very unstable and at times volatile to both friend and foe alike.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Phoenix is an extremely powerful mutant who possesses powerful telepathic and telekinetic powers. When accessing the power of the Phoenix Force; Phoenix is also one of the most, if not the most powerful mutant on the entire planet.
    • Telepathy: Phoenix can telepathically communicate with other individuals or project illusions into their minds.
    • Telekinesis: Phoenix can telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them.
      • Illusion Generation: Due to Phoenix's telepathy; she can generate, create and project several different types of illusions inside other individuals' minds.


  • Phoenix Force: The Phoenix Force is the source of all of Phoenix's devastating and destructive powers.
    • Flight: Due to Phoenix's telekinesis; she is able to fly at amazing speeds and at high altitudes; by levitating her own body.
    • Pyrogenesis: Phoenix can generate, create and project fire from both of her hands.
    • Pyrokinesis: Phoenix can manipulate fire.
    • Earthquake Generation: Phoenix can generate, create and project earthquakes.
    • Earthquake Manipulation: Phoenix can manipulate earthquakes.
    • Geokinesis: Phoenix can manipulate earth matter.
    • Disintegration: Phoenix can disintegrates several different types of matter.
    • Energy Absorption: Phoenix can absorb several different types of energy. She was able to absorb a solar flare.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Phoenix can heal much faster, more extensively, and efficiently than normal humans and most other mutants. She was able to easily heal from being stabbed by one of the D'Bari and felt no pain from the injury in the first place.


  • Expert Pilot: Phoenix is capable of flying the X-Jet.
  • Skilled Leader: Phoenix is a capable leader.


  • Limitations: Although Phoenix is incredibly powerful, she does have her limits. She is unable to match Apocalypse and Magneto in terms of raw power; albeit when she is not accessing the power of the Phoenix Force.


  • X-uniform: Jean wears a protective suit, when she is out on the field in battle.



Behind the scenes

  • Sophie Turner studied multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia to capture Jean's internal struggle in Dark Phoenix.


  • In the comics, Jean and Scott eventually married and in an alternate future they have had a daughter, Rachel.


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