John Grey
Appeared in Dark Phoenix
Status Deceased
Actor Scott Shepard

John Grey is the father of Jean Grey.


Dark Phoenix

In 1975 while driving home with his wife and daughter Jean the family got into an accident when Jean‘s mutant powers of telepathy activated causing her to accidentally move the car in the way of another incoming car. While Elaine was killed on impact Jean survived thanks to her power while John survived as well although heavily injured.

At the hospital John was approached by Charles Xavier who offered to take Jean in as John blamed her for the crash wanted nothing to do with his daughter and considered her a monster not worth saving. Although Charles angrily assured him that he was wrong and that as long as she had someone to care for her and believe in her that would never be the case.

Years later in 1992 John was visited by the now adult Jean Grey who had thought he had died in the car crash. While noticeably uncomfortable in her presence welcomed her into his house. However as she explored she noticed no pictures of her were in the house and angrily asked why her father never came to get her. John then admitted he blamed her for her mother’s death and that he did not want her. As Jean became hostile, the X-Men arrived and Jean knocked her father unconscious.

Later, after the battle the ensued between Jean and the X-Men John was approached by the alien known as Vuk who disguised herself as a detective and asked for information on Jean. When John did not divulge Vuk used her powers and began to painfully twist his chest and she interrogated him. After getting what she needed Vuk killed John.

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Dark Phoenix

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