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John Proudstar, also known as Thunderbird, is a mutant who possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina, senses and foresight. John is the leader of the Mutant Underground.


The Gifted

Early life

A former solider in Afghanistan, John came from a family of soldiers with his father having served in the Gulf War. Shortly after the July 15th Incident, John was trying to raise money for the victims of the incident, along with other veterans when a group of mutant bigots attempted to kill them by throwing a homemade bomb. John grabbed the bomb and threw it to an empty parking lot.

Saving the lives of those around John. He was discharged from the Marines for being a mutant after the events of 7/15, after which time, he turned to alcohol and pills to cope with his loss of purpose, going so far as to participate in a fight club for cash to pay for his habit.

It was at this fight club that John was approached by mutant and lawyer Evangeline Whedon, who offered him a chance to run the Mutant Underground station in Atlanta, Georgia. He initially just scoffed at her offer, but eventually came around to seeing things her way and she helped him detox by chaining him to a mattress so he couldn't escape; though he was furious at her for this at the time, he eventually cleaned himself up and devoted himself to helping his fellow mutants.

Joined by Lorna Dane/Polaris and recruiting former cartel enforcer Marcos Díaz they would go on to recruit other mutants to help them find and save mutants being targeted by Sentinel Services. An organization charged with capturing mutants using their powers. He also started a relationship with Sonya Simonson.

John also formed a close friendship with fellow mutant Augustus/Pulse. When attempting to raid a Sentinel Services relocation center, Pulse was seemingly killed while helping the others get away; leaving John with tremendous guilt for leaving him behind.


Thunderbird, accompanied by Polaris and Eclipse, used his tracking ability to track down Blink a mutant with the ability to teleport who had escaped from Sentinel Services. Her teleportation abilities however were making it difficult for him to locate her but they eventually found the front of the cop car. John uses it to track Blink to an abandoned building where they are able to convince her to join them. Police soon arrive and while John, Marcos (who is injured from a gunshot) , and Clarice escape Lorna is captured.

Thunderbird and Eclipse brought Blink to the Mutant Underground cell house in Atlanta and filled her in on what's happened.

As Thunderbird patches up Eclipse, they argue about whether they should go rescue Polaris until the news comes in about the incident at the high school, which ends the conversation. With John declaring, it is now to hot to attempt such a thing.

Later, Blink revealed to John that Marcos snuck off to help a family. Thunderbird tells Blink to come along so they can find him.

Arriving just in time to rescue Marcos as well as Caitlin, Reed, Andy, and Lauren Strucker from Sentinel Services. As the chase continues the group is corned. John encourages Clarice to use her powers to get them out. While Clarice does succeed and is able to get almost everyone through she is soon shot as well as Reed who is left behind.


John and Marcos proceeded to tend the Clarice wound despite the Struckers insistence that they go back for Reed. After stabilizing Blink, Thunderbird and Eclipse argued about Eclipse "freelance job." They argue until Lauren told them there was a problem. Caitlin proceeded to explain to them that Blink was in distress. As a result of her injuries Blink began opening portals. One opened to a road and a truck careened into it and was sliced in half as the portal closed and the back end flew into Headquarters.

John and the others moved Blink to a table. However Blink had another attack and opened a portal to the same road. A man pulled a shotgun and pointed it through the portal. However, Lauren used her powers to collapse the portal. The group comes up with the plan to take Caitlin to retrieve medicine that can help Blink and to leave Lauren behind to close any more portals that may open up.

While Caitlin and Macros are out, John tells Lauren and Andy about Blink. How she used her powers to steal food because she could not pass for human and couldn't get a job. Blink suddenly has another attack and the portal to the road opens again, this time a team with police looking through. Lauren manages to close the portal but it noticeably takes significantly longer. John then listened to the police using his heightened senses. He later argued with Sonya about whether they should prepare to evacuate or move Blink away from the hideout. For now, he chose to wait for Marcos and Caitlin.

As Blink was getting worse she opened another portal. Lauren tried to shut it down but she was unable to close it. A SWAT team officer then entered through the portal. However, Thunderbird used his mutant strength to take him out and toss him back through the portal and Andy used his powers to knock back the SWAT team members but also knocks over the other mutants and tipped the table with Blink on it causing her to hit her head and go into unconscious. Several portals then began opening at the same time causing havoc.

Luckily, Marcos and Caitlin return but find the portals causing chaos and the mutants trying to evacuate the bank. Caitlin braves the chaos to go inside and manages to give Clarice the medicine she needs. Later when Clarice woke up John asked if she knew why she kept opening a portal to the same road. However, Clarice says she doesn't remember but John told her to rest and that they would talk about it later.


Marcos and John were arguing, again, about breaking into the prison to rescue Lorna with Marcos wanting to use Clarice's powers, but John and Caitlin were worried after what she went through after the last time. Sonya backed Marcos and encouraged John to train Clarice. Caitlin stepped in and suggest to them to try to go through legal means, reaching out to loyal or a congressperson. They told her however that it would be too dangerous to expose themselves while they're living in secret.

Later, Clarice tells John that her powers have been "broken" ever since she got inured along with the mark she got over her eye. John however tells that while her powers are somewhat unreliable that they can work on it and get her powers back.

Sonya pulls John aside and asks how things went. John tells her that Clarice is struggling, but Sonya says they don't have time and offers to help by using her powers to implant memories in Clarice, but John reminds her of the times that went wrong and says he doesn't want to take shortcuts.

While practicing again, John and Clarice talk about her powers some more. Clarice claims she has to be scared to access her powers but John shares some Marine training about simply holding on to something that makes her happy and to focus on that.

Clarice tried it and was able to spark a small portal but could only hold it stable for a moment. Johns tracking abilities then kicked in and he noticed and footprints and other signs of the Struckers having left the hideout. John tells Marco and tells him that they have to go after them as If the Struckers are caught, they will a get caught.

John and Marcos find Caitlin at her brother Danny's home. They argued and Danny woke up and found them all in the living room. Danny was furious that Caitlin brought mutants into his home as an angry, armed mob is forming outside of Danny's home. With Danny's son having texted a picture of the trophy to a friend and word spread. They all argued about how to handle the situation but Danny decided to go outside himself.

Danny argued with the ringleader and tried to convince them to disperse, but the mob was determined to search the house. Andy became angry and blew off the door with his powers. The ringleader, Chuck, picked up his gun to shoot Andy but Thunderbird pulls Andy back and Eclipse heats up the gun so Chuck drops it. They all move towards their SUV and drive off, but the mob jumped in their vehicles and pursued.

As the mob opened fire on the SUV, Thunderbird called ahead to the hideout to let Dreamer and Sage know what was happening and prepare to help somehow.

Dreamer went to Blink and told her the other are in trouble and to make a portal to transport them back however Blink claimed she would be unable to. With no other choice, Dreamer used her mutant power, on Blink, implanting memories of a loving relationship with John. Now having someone to care about, Blink was convinced she could make a portal to rescue the others.

Dreamer and Blink went to the road outside to wait for the vehicles to arrive. Blink opened a portal to headquarters in the middle of the road, drawing on her false memories to fuel her power. Thunderbird sped up the SUV and it drove through the portal with Dreamer and Blink following back inside

Blink hugged Thunderbird and as he sent her inside then asked Dreamer what she did. Dreamer tells Thunderbird that she gave Blink one of her old memories of them together which angers John as he pointed out the implications but Sonya defended her decision claiming it was the only way to save them.

The next day, Caitlin, Marcos, and John met with Danny on a secluded road. Danny offered to let the Struckers use their cabin in the smokey mountains Danny also had learned that Reed was alive and was being transferred to a top secret mutant detention center along with another mutant from the underground.

"eXit strategy"

John and Marcos gathered the Mutant Underground to announce that Lorna and Reed were being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services regional Headquarters, but that they were being relocated to an ultra secure facility, which John didn't have much knowledge on beyond the fact that the people who go there, don't come back, thus; forcing their hand in attacking the Sentinel Services directly. Sage reminded him that they lost six people the last time they went up against Sentinel Services in such a direct manner, and that was merely a relocation center with a fence and a few guard towers.

This time around they wanted to infiltrate a prison whose systems had improved. Extrapolating from other attacks, the Underground had an 86.5% chance of failure, Sage determined. Even though they were new to the Underground, and no one owed them anything, Caitlin pleaded with them to assist. Marcos reminded everyone in the room that Lorna had saved each of them at least once. However, only Sonya, Harry, and Clarice were willing to join in on the coordinate attack on Sentinel Services.

In the monitoring cell, Marcos was reasonably upset with the fact that only five people (John, Sonya, Marcos, Clarice, and Harry) were willing to help save Lorna. John on the other hand was a bit more understanding given that a lot of them lost friends the last time they attacked Sentinel Services. Caitlin corrected Marcos, saying that it was six them of them against the Sentinel Services considering that she would be joining. The six of them began to strategize on how best to infiltrate the building. Clarice's portals and Harry's cloaking abilities would do them little good.

However, Caitlin suggested that rather than going into the building, they rescue Lorna and Reed while they're in route to be relocated. Fortunately, Marcos could gain intel on the route from the Cartel. However, John was very much against him going to them for a favor because the last time Marcos got involved with the Cartel, he barely got out.

John later approached Sonya to ask if she had talked with Clarice about manipulating her memories. Sonya admitted that she hadn't, as she didn't believe she needed to as Clarice seemed fine. John reminded Sonya that giving Clarice a memory that wasn't hers and without her permission was wrong, though Sonya countered that it was less a memory and more of a dream or an impression that'll fade on its own, however, John wasn't convinced that it would and tried to give the ultimatum that either Sonya would tell Clarice the truth herself or he would.

But as Sonya pointed out, neither of them knew how Clarice would react to being violated in such a personal manner and pointed out she could be upset enough to leave, which would halt their plans on saving Lorna and Reed. Sonya explained that she didn't have a choice, as she wasn't going to allow John to die. Before walking off, Sonya reminded him that they were fighting a war, which entailed casualties of all kind.

Later that night, John got a call from Marcos, who had gotten in touch with the Cartel. After making some calls to their contacts at Sentinel Services, they learned that Lorna and Reed were being moved by truck. It was a convoy that Marcos would later send him the route to. He then learned that Marcos was dealing with his ex-girlfriend,Carmen Guerra, who had taken over for her father, the former Cartel leader.

The next morning, in the monitoring cell, John updated the rest of the team on what Marcos had discovered. There was a convoy of military vehicles that were taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport. Based on the route, which Marcos had given them from the Cartel, the best place to hit the convoy would be at an old warehouse district off Peach tree. John asked Clarice if she could open a portal to get the two of them onto the transport bus.

If the driver could see out, then Clarice could see in, but if the bus was moving, it could become a lot more complicated, she explained, which meant they had to stop the bus. While Marcos was working on the time frame, they needed to devise a plan on how best to stop the moving bus. Caitlin pointed out that melting the tires with lasers was hardly subtle, and a battle would surely ensue if they did. Their goal was to get in and out without dropping bodies.

While they were working on a plan to disengage the bus without arousing suspicion, Andy and Lauren had devised a plan of their own by combining their abilities. Lauren could use her ability as an element of precision and focus to Andy's destructive powers, which in turn allowed them to tear objects apart with great accuracy. John was impressed after watching them perform this combined ability on the tire of a broken down taxi, asking if they could do it from a longer range, which they could.

However, Caitlin was against using her children as soldiers to attack a convoy. As John attempted to explain, with time running short, they didn't have many alternatives. John and Andy then stood back while Lauren convinced her mother to allow them to fight, as it was what she had always taught them to do. After a persuasive speech from Lauren, Caitlin agreed to allow them to stop the transport bus, but only if John could guarantee her that Andy and Lauren wouldn't be in harms way.

With Marcos' return to headquarters, John learned that the prison convoy left at 10:00 a.m. the following day. They would sweep the route at 9:30, giving them half an hour window to set up. How did it go with Carmen, John asked. Marcos claimed it was fine, and that he did what he had to do, but John was greatly concerned given that he didn't want to see Marcos get caught back up with the Cartel. Afterward, while drawing up plans for the attack on the prison convoy, he was approached by Sonya.

The next day, the team got in place at their designated position within the warehouse district. Thunderbird was partnered with Blink. He told her that the convoy would be coming down the road soon, and from where they were positioned, it should be a straight shot into the bus. He asked Blink if she was alright. She claimed she wasn't sleeping well. Thunderbird reasoned that this was due to the adjustments at the station, with people constantly coming and going.

Anything's better than jail, she remarked. As for Thunderbird, it was almost impossible for him in the beginning, which came as a surprise to Blink due to his military background. He explained that originally, it was just him and Polaris with an impossible task. Blink then asked if he ever thought about walking away. All the time, Thunderbird replied. The only thing stopping him was his mission in saving those in need. Blink then asked about the night that they first met, wondering if they went outside together. Thunderbird told her that they hadn't, though he knew this to be a result of Sonya's memory manipulation.

Thunderbird and Blink prepared themselves as the convoy entered the warehouse district. They waited for Andy and Lauren to disengage the bus' tire at the designated location, though they failed to do so. While they did eventually manage to stop the bus, it wasn't at the location in which Thunderbird had planned, forcing him and Blink to go looking for it. After ramming his way through a solid wall, he found the bus a little further down the road.

Just as Blink planned to portal them into the bus, her powers were being interfered with, as was Thunderbird's, who attempting to track. There was only one person he had ever know who could disrupt mutant abilities, Pulse. Though, he died two years ago, or so they thought. Thunderbird looked out the window, and as he had suspected, it was Pulse, who was also working for Sentinel Services, and disrupting their abilities, which he was capable of doing for at least two blocks. John then instructed Clarice to check in on the others while he stopped Pulse.

After dealing with Pulse, Thunderbird found Eclipse hidden behind a car. He told Eclipse that he would explain the nose bleed later, which was unusual given his physical invulnerability, but for the time being, they needed to leave because Sentinel Services likely had reinforcement on the way. But Eclipse refused to go without Polaris. Fortunately, she no longer needed rescuing. With Pulse out of commission, Polaris was with full use of her abilities, breaking down the bus door and escaping on her own, with Reed in tow.

Upon exiting the bus, the Sentinel Services agents began shooting. Polaris stopped the bullets mid-air, sending the gunfire back into their direction, before taking their guns, and forcing them to retreat. Thunderbird and Eclipse then greeted Reed and Polaris. With Caitlin pulling up moments later, the four of them got inside, and sped off.

"boXed in"

Escaping from Sentinel Services, John, Lorna, Marcos, Reed, and Caitlin descided to get off the road and switch vehicles so Sentinel Services wont be able to trace them. John begins explaining to Marcos and Lorna that Pulse was the reason they couldn't use their powers but before he can finish he's cuts off when he hears an incoming Sentinel Services drone. Lorna and Marcos decide to lead the drone away while John, Caitlin, and Reed escape to Headquarters. 

John and the Struckers return to find the Atlanta Underground base crowded with new refugees with Sage explaining  to him  that the influx of mutants at the base is due Sentinel Services having cracked down hard on mutant hideouts since the convoy hit.

Fade sees Reed and attacks him still furious that Reed was going to sell them out. Thunderbird breaks it up, but Fade tells the entire room that Reed was working for Sentinel Services. Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren come to his defense but Reed tells them to help the injured while he, John, and Fade talk the situation out.

Fade is still arguing with Reed while John is pulled away by Sage, who says all chatter on the manhunt went silent. Reed offers his knowledge of law enforcement protocols to assist in protecting the hideout and he's able to figure out that Sentinel Services is searching for Marcos and Lorna and has Atlanta PD searching a grid for the hideout. John, Reed and Sage consider their situation.

Reed believes that he needs to draw them away from the hideout's location, throwing off the educated guesses that Sentinel Services have made so far. However Sage notes that this would give Sentinel Services the chance to capture him again and lead them back to the base. John convinces Fade to help Reed in his mission to draw Sentinel Services' attention which Fade grudgingly agrees to.

Fade drives Reed out into the city and Reed explains the plan: he'll walk in front of some cameras to show that he's in a different area than where Sentinel Services is searching, and that he'll meet Tex two blocks down so they can escape. The cameras identify Reed and and according to plan Sentinel Services redirects the search. John then has Sage text Reed telling him to get out of the area.

Later, John discusses with the others the information Lorna, Marocs, and Sonya acquired from Jace. With John recognizing the symbol that was on Pulse arm. Reed also recognizes the federal building in Baton Rouge, where some mutants he prosecuted were transferred and then disappeared.

"got your siX"

At HQ Marcos told John that there are reports of Sentinel Services using mutants to hunt other mutants. Marcos told John he had a lead and wanted to break into the federal building at Baton Rouge and John agreed.

Later, John asked Clarice for help with getting into the federal building. However an angry Clarice revealed that she knew Sonya had altered her memories and that John had allowed her to continue her deception so that he could continue using her powers. The two argued until Clarice decided to leave the underground, opening a portal and vanishing.

Sometime later, John organized a group of mutants and explained that they were now taking the fight to the those who had been hunting them. Reed told them what he knew, which wasn't much and without Clarice to teleport them in they needed another way inside. Andy then volunteered to go with Marcos and Reed as his powers could get them in.

Sonya later approached John to talk about Clarice. John questioning his leadership and also still blaming himself for what happened to Pulse, and wondered if the X-Men made a mistake when they chose him to lead the Underground. Sonya however told him that he was chosen for a reason and reminds him that "the X-Men said a war is coming". John however retorted that they never said they would win.

John later found out and brought news that more refugees were on their way to the already overcrowded Underground hideout. Sonya and John discussed what happened with Clarice with Sonya telling him that everything that happened with Pulse and Clarice was not his fault and that he needs to move forward. They then share a kiss with John saying he can't, but they continue until Marcos called interrupting them. Marcos explains the situation and told him there's been a cop tailing them. Reed told John to search for alerts Which he did and found one, suggesting authorities and Sentinel Services know that the mutants are coming. However thanks to the combined efforts of Lorna, Lauren, and Wes they are able to fool the authorities into chasing two non existent trucks while Reed, Marcos, and Andy in the real one drive to safety.

"eXtreme measures"

After having a talk with another station, John told Marcos, Lorna, Sonya, Sage, and Reed that Sentinel Services was ramping up surveillance across the board, meaning things were going to get worse before they got better. Unfortunately, they were also running out of supplies with the influx of refugees coming in. Marcos volunteered to take a drive up to Marietta, where he supposedly heard that they had supplies to offer. John then turned his attention to the hard drives from Baton Rouge, which Sage and Reed were working on.

The hard drives were encrypted, but that also likely meant that there was something worth hiding from them. If they did not find out how Sentinel Services was turning mutants against each other, all their work would have been for nothing. Lastly, John announced that he would be leaving soon to track down Clarice as she knows the station's location, which could compromise the entire organization if she was apprehended.

John eventually managed to track Clarice down to an old abandoned warehouse where he apologized once more for the memory that Sonya put in her head without permission, which Clarice could still see. She described the feeling as being akin to a bad soap opera that she can't escape. John revealed he came to convince Clarice to return to the station because she was safe and also admitted however, that Clarice's safety wasn’t the only reason he came looking for her as the Underground needed her, though Clarice did not seem to care about his plight, calming that she had her own problems to attend to.

When John asked Clarice told him that she was trying to find the countryside road that she kept portalling back to when she got sick. As she had learned from them that nothing was random and that there was always a reason to why they use their powers. As a result Clarice believed that the road held some form of significance to her. John volunteered to help her find it because she had no idea where she was headed and he owed her, if nothing else. While Clarice was initially resistant, she eventually agreed to allow him to help her.

John and Clarice tracked the road that she kept portalling to while sick. John asked Clarice if she remembered anything about it, but she didn't as she was unconscious during the repeated opening of her portals. She had figured that she would be able to find something about it in the news but unfortunately however, Sentinel Services was good about covering up mutant incidents. Frustrated Clarice told a John that while she appreciated his quest for redemption, they had failed in finding the road, so he was of no use to her. John told her desperately that he wanted to help her, though she didn't believe it was even possible without a trail to follow.

However, John was not so sure that this was true, explaining that she could have a trail inside her. Pointing out that when an animal is hurt or scared, their first instinct is to take themselves to a place of safety, such as a nest or burrow and claimed Clarice had her very own version of a burrow, where she felt loved and safe. John asked where that place was 

Headed down an unknown road, John asked Clarice what did the house she grew up in look like. She gave him details. Telling him it wasn't too big, a one story home for mutant foster kids, the ones that couldn't pass as human that is. She revealed that she was only there for a couple years, back when she was supposed to be in high school. As while the couple who ran it were caring and meant well, their idea of keeping Clarice and the other mutants safe was to hide them away forever.

As they head further down the dirt road, Clarice recognized the front gate and just past the gate was the farmhouse that she lived in. However, Clarice ran over towards her former home, as she did so, John's foresight activated, allowing him to see a glimpse of the past. He saw Sentinel Services storm the house.

Apparently under the impression that something bad has happened, he advised Clarice to stay back, but this only made Clarice desperately want to enter the home more. John proceeded to punch through the locked door and once inside, they discovered two distinct pools of blood and the back door riddled with bullet holes. As Clarice began to cry, John held her close while looking on at the murder scene. 

Outside the farmhouse, John told Clarice that he had found whatever traces he could and it looked as if her foster parents died trying to protect some of the mutant children. Clarice blamed herself for the attack, as it was her portals that led them to the house. However, as John explained, Sentinel Services pulled the trigger and she wasn’t to be held accountable for their actions. He then gives comforted her by giving her another hug. Clarice seeked to revisit her previous statement about the war with Sentinel Services not being her fight. As while she didn’t know if it was before, but it certainly was her fight now as well. 

After returning to the station with Clarice, John was greeted by Sonya with a kiss, though he seemed notably upset.

The next day, in the monitoring cell, Sage informed John that the second drive mostly contained information from mutants who were sent into the program and Pulse apparently happened to be one of the first. Unfortunately, all they had are the courthouse's records of who was selected, but it did not say anything on where they went. However, Reed explained that if it was ran by the Sentinel Services, then there had to be records given that it is a government program. Sage revealed that it wasn’t a government program at all and that it was run by a private military contractor; Trask Industries, which Reed was familiar with since his father, Otto Strucker had worked there for 35 years. However, it supposedly closed down in 2006. John questioned if Reed's father had any involvement with the program, though Reed was unsure. 

"threat of eXtinction"

John was trying to coordinate how the Mutant Underground network could handle the influx of mutant refugees coming in when Reed approached him. Reed told John that they needed to go to Chattanooga to see his father for answers. John told him that they would leave as soon as he gets back as he left with Marcos and Clarice on a mission.

The three of them met with a preacher who had been sheltering a group of mutants. He told them that the authorities had been snooping around so he needed to turn his current refugees over to Johns care. One of the refugees, a woman named Esme approached John and revealed that she was a telepath and that she was picking up bad thoughts from one of the other refugees, pointing him towards a woman. Thunderbird approached the woman and saw the Hound tattoo on her arm. The Hound used her super speed to fight him off but Eclipse, Blink, and Thunderbird working in unison used a combo move to trap the mutant hound and allow Thunderbird to knock her out and subdue her.

Imprisoning her, John left the interrogation of seeing what she knew to Lorna, Marcos, Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren while he and Reed went to Chattanooga to talk to Reeds father.

Arriving, John and Reed found Reed’s father Otto running an antique shop. Greeting Otto he told them that they shouldn’t have wasted their time coming here. Revealing he was already visited by Sentinel Services. Despite what Reed told him of their situation, Otto did not seem particularly sympathetic to his sons plight.

Telling him that he told Sentinel Services the truth, that he had never met his grandchildren and hadn't spoken to his son in years. Reed asked his father about his work at Trask, but Otto refused to divulge the classified work he was doing.

Reed then revealed that Trask Industries had returned and that they were experimenting on mutants and that he did not believe his father's research and his children being mutants was an coincidence. Otto invited Reed upstairs. As John stayed in the shop to give them privacy and keep guard.

Eventually, Sentinel Services arrived and John came in to tell them of the situation. Campbell exited the vehicle with Pulse, who he gave a shot of Kick.

Otto apologized to Reed and told him to protect the children and to protect the world from the children.

Otto held off Campbell and Pulse and using his powers managed to overcome Pulse mutant nullification abilities at the cost of his life as he unleashed an explosive blast which scarred Campbell and fatally wounded Pulse.

John and Reed found Otto’s dead body downstairs. John also found Pulse, who had been snapped out of the trance Campbell had him under. John vowed to his friend to make Sentinel Services pay before he died.

John and Reed proceeded to bury Pulse and Otto with Reed leaving behind the photo of his family.


John listened as Esme desperately tried to convince the Mutant Underground leadership to mount a raid on Trask Industries based on what she saw in the Hound, Chloe's mind. Claiming that they were the last hope for the prisoners there.

John talked it over with Sonya still blaming himself for what happened to Pulse. Dreamer however was suspicious about how Esme knew about Pulse, but John just chalked it up to her being a telepath.

After Lorna has a nightmare about the prison (unknown to all given to her by Esme) The Mutant Underground decided to hatch a plan to infiltrate Trask Industries. Sage found a bar where Trask employees like to go and Dreamer and Polaris decided to go there and try to obtain information.

They later regrouped to discuss how the lab was hardened against mutant attacks. They had motion and infrared sensors connected to heavy-caliber guns that are mounted all over the building with neither Lorna nor Clarice able get them past Trask's defenses. Luckily, Sage managed to find one vulnerability; A power substation a few miles away. If they took it out, they could gain access to the lab before Trask's systems get back online. However, they did not have enough combat ready mutants to hit the station and the lab at the same time.

John, Marcos, Sonya, Clarice, Lorna, Esme and Sage called down the Struckers to ask if Reed and Caitlin were willing to allow Andy and Lauren to disengage the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. While it is admittedly was a lot to ask, they had no other choice as everyone else with combat powers would be assaulting the lab. Sage hacked the security cameras and the station only has a handful of guards.

Clarice would portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya would guide them. This was there only option as they had been through every optionthey could think of and unfortunately, the plan with Andy and Lauren was the only one that could work. However, both Andy and Lauren were willing to help in whatever way they could. Reed and Caitlin agreed to allow their children to take out the transformers, but only if they could monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they would be moving out within the hour.

John, Marcos, Lorna and Esme pulled up in SUVs onto a dirt road not too far off from Trask. John and Marcos looked ahead to see what awaited them while Polaris and Esme gathered the equipment. John and Marcos proceeded towards the fence separating them from Trask Industries. The entire building was guarded with armed officials and high powered guns mounted to the rooftop. John remarked that the mission would be a whole lot easier if they had Pulse to take out every automated gun at the facility.

Marcos humorously pointed out that they would of course had to listen to his tales of awesomeness for months. Both noted that they were going to miss him, and John continued to blame himself. Marcos however reminded him that he wasn't the only one that left Pulse behind that night at the relocation center but today they get to make it up to him. John called Reed to inform him that they were in place.

Just outside Trasks' fence, John reminded Marcos, Lorna and Esme that once the Struckers took down the substation transformer, they would only have 3 minutes to get the charges up to the automated guns and get inside Trask but if they were off by a few seconds, they would be slaughtered. but Esme pointed out that's what she was there for. First they would free the prisoners, then they would destroy the mainframe and all of Trask's research. Marcos wondered how Esme knew the prisoners would help. She merely stated that she's sure they would.

Unfortunately, not long after, three alarms at Trask began to sound. Marcos suspected that they had been spotted, but John honed in using his hearing and heard the guards say that the power station was under attack, meaning, Dreamer, Blink, and the Struckers had been discovered. With their cover blown, John called off the entire operation, much to Esme’s dismay who refused to go without her family pleading with John to move forward with the mission, but they could not, forcing him to pick Esme up over his shoulders and carry her out the area.


the Mutant Underground was under distress following the apprehension of Sonya, Clarice, Andy and Lauren by Sentinel Services. While Lorna wanted to move in now to retrieve the team, Caitlin and Reed argued that hitting Sentinel Services was far too risky. Lorna reminded them that it was not just her people that Sentinel Services had captured, but also have Andy and Lauren their own children. Caitlin however angrily told Lorna that she needed no reminder.

John growing tired of their senseless bickering broke the table in a fit of rage. Demanding that they stop as there was no more "yours" or "ours". Andy, Lauren, Sonya and Clarice were now all of their people. While Reed argued that going in weapons drawn would only get someone hurt, Lorna worried that the longer they wait, the greater the risk of their friends being turned into Hounds became as they could then lead Sentinel Services right to their Headquaters. As Lorna, Reed and Caitlin go back and forth, Marcos and John decided to send out Sage and Shatter to scout out at Trask.

Later Marcos, Lorna and Esme reported to John that the Struckers hade left to speak with Agent Turner. Esme claimed that they had some idea about convincing Agent Turner to get everyone out of Trask lab. Noting that even if Reed and Caitlin succeed in convincing Agent Turner, then he simply move them to a detention center and they would be gone forever.

However, if there was a small chance that agent Turner would move the prisoners tonight, John and Lorna thought that they might be able to recuse everyone. However, Marcos argued that it was still a big risk As last time they hit Sentinel Services, they were hit back hard. However, given that Reed was a lawyer, Esme informed John that it's possible they may get through to Turner. Regardless, they needed a plan. Marcos then recalled that Shatter was still scouting Trask. So he needed to know that Sentinel Service might be coming.

John later got word from Shatter that Sentinel Services was at Trask with a large transport vehicle and relayed this to the others.Everyone is shocked that the Struckers actually managed to pull it off. Unfortunately, the Underground Mutant did not have a lot of time to make their move.

The Underground Mutant then planned to storm Sentinel Services on the road, free the prisoners and make their escape off the interstate. However they were also going to have a maximum of 1-2 minutes to exectue the plan as the guards coming from the lab were going to be coming at them fast and they might have Hounds. Esme volunteered to go in to scout security and read one of the guards to see what she can find out.

Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Esme convened with Shatter just outside Trask. He told them that he saw 2 Sentinel Services SUVs, 2 Sedans and a transport vehicle. And they all rolled in pretty high. Thunderbird's foresight allowed him to see that Sentinel Services just left the building with their friends. When Polaris asked if they were all there, Thunderbird replied that he wasn't  sure. All he knew was that there was a group of them and they were going to be at the gate soon. Eclipse and Esme went in now to see what they could get off the guard at the booth. Eclipse returned not that long after to inform Thunderbird, Polaris and Shatter about Esme's betrayal and her two identical sisters, who were killing the Sentinel Services agents.

"3 X 1"

the Mutant Underground held a service for Sonya, who was killed by Dr. Campbell at Trask labs. Both Lorna and Marcos spoke on her behalf, explaining how everything Sonya did, she did for everyone at the station, up until the very end of her life. Lorna noted that she could've disguised herself as a human forever, but she chose to live with them, her true family. Marcos remided everyone that it was days like this that reminded them that they were up against people that did not think of them as human and noted that  they would point to their differences. However Marcos then explained the  the simple fact was this; mutants loved like they do. Mutants died like they do. Mutants grieved like they do and that  Sonya would not be forgotten promising they would find justice for her. Lorna and Marcos then placed flowers on Sonya's grave. Followed by the Struckers. Lastly, John himself left flowers on her grave.

John returned to the station and stopped on the steps and as everyone went inside began to cry and mourn the death of his lover. He quickly pulled himself together just as Clarice approached to check on him as she personally knew that Sonya meant a lot to him and he meant a lot to her in return. She then told him if there's anything he needed, Clarice would provide her assistance. John's voice cracked as she explained that everything was so confusing regarding Esme and her sisters as no one could agree on whether what they did was a disaster or miracle. However, their goal remained the same; to stay focused and take down the Hound program. As far as game plans are concerned, they did not have any but John refused to lose anymore friends.

Esme and her sisters, Sophie and Phobe paid the Underground an unexpected visit. They had come peacefully as they only desired to talk about the Hound program, which was expanding, and they wanted the Underground's help in taking it down. However, some were still upset that Esme used and lied to them. As admittedly, Esme did mislead them, but she also saved Lauren, Andy and Clarice, as well as her own family. To them the ends justifyed the means as far as she was concerned.

As for why they needed the Underground's help. Despite their own powers being so great, Sentinel Services knew what all three of them look like. So they could not take them on by themselves. They pointed that while they had information about Dr. Campbell's plans and resources to share The Underground had the muscle they needed to end the Hound program. While Caitlin and Marcos refused to even consider an alliance of any kind, John seemed more willing though he did kick them out after hearing what they had to offer.

After some digging, Sage informed John of what she found: She knew there were three sisters. At least that they know of. Esme, Sophie and Phoebe Frost. But they had often used new alias. When Sophie and Phoebe were arrested, they gave their last name as Cuckoo. John asks if Clarice got anything from Phoebe and Sophie while on the transport which unfortunately, she did not. Their police file did say that they had a HIVE mind. Capable of limited psychic control if they could get close and the target did not see see them coming. She also revealed that they were politically connected and wealthy. Through a campaign photo they realized that one of them (Esme) infiltrated senator Matthew Montez campaign last year.

Clarice recognized Montez and accused him of being a Purifier. John began to worry  that an alliance with the Frost Sisters would tear the station apart. However, as Clarice pointed out, that was already happening due to the Underground being at odds in regards to the Frost's actions at Trask. Sage decided to separate the arguing Underground members while Clarice and John further discuss their game plan. Sage then called John over for help as the Underground continued to fall apart.

A couple days later, John convened with Marcos and Lorna to tell them that they needed to come to a decision on whether they should forge an alliance with the Frost. As far as Marcos was concerned, Esme and her sisters were not an option as he did not agree with their tactics, but Clarice interjected that they saved her, which was enough for her to agree to the alliance. Marcos was worried as  that they had now been pulled into an all-out war with Sentinel Services. Noting that Congress could declare Martial law. Clarice did not seems to care however since they didn't need Martial law when they killed her foster parents.

Lorna agreed. Adding that there was no reason for them to continue fighting with one hand tied behind their backs while Sentinel Services was coming at them with full force in return. Marcos however did not want them to disregard their principals just out of conveniency as the X-Men chose them for a reason. He assured them that they would take down the Hound program, but they would do it their way. Sage interrupted to inform them that she had learned from the police scanners that something big was about to go down.

After learning from Sage that the Fairburn station was under attack, Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink headed down to save the Struckers. Thunderbird called Reed to inform him that they were on their way. Reed told him that they were hiding out on the south end of the building, but they could not get to an exit and that it was just them and Wes as most of the refugees had already surrendered. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink arrived at the station soon thereafter. Thunderbird heard them prepping to surround the building, and so Blink portaled them in.

Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Blink made their way through the station while it was under constant fire. They managed to find the  Struckers and Wes on the south end and see them to safety though it was no easy task as the Hounds continuously struck the building with great power. Lorna and Marcos were hit, with  Lorna sent flying several feet into the air. Luckily, Thunderbird managed catch her. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Reed and Caitlin quietly moved throughout the woods, hoping not to alert any nearby agents. To make matters worse, Thunderbird's foresight revealed that their car had been discovered. Andy then jumped to his feet and lead the group out of the woods, claiming that "they" said it was safe. "They" turned out to be the Frost sisters, who were waiting by the road with escape vehicles.

Upon returning to the station, John, Lorna and Marcos questioned how the Frost Sisters even found them in Fairburn. They claimed that they had sources. The Hounds that attacked them was what the Sisters tried to warn the Underground about and claimed  it was only the start. As it was going to get worse, which is why they needed the Underground's help to take down Campbell and Trask.


John invited the Frost Sisters to the station to discuss how they planned to stop the Hound program. However, before starting, Marcos made things clear, that their presence there, did not make them friends. Esme, Sophie and Phoebe explained that they were dealing with a secret program that must be stopped as soon as possible as their sources had informed them that Dr. Campbell was working his political connection to take the program International. Their best chance to stop him would be at the Human Today Summit in Charlotte tomorrow, where major anti mutant politicians, business heads and Purifiers would be present. The Frost Sisters wanted to kidnap Campbell to stop the program. When Clarice opposed the idea, the Sisters claim that they knew all about her criminal past and "old friends", something she had not shared with the Underground, which aroused suspicion in John, Marcos and Lorna.

As the Struckers were settling back into the station, John came into the room to inform them about their plan to kidnap Campbell and to ask Reed if he was able to extract anything useful from Otto Strucker's old research notes. Unfortunately, Reed didn't uncover much. Reed couldn't follow much of his father's work. Considering that Otto's research helped build the Hound program, John was positive that there must be something of use from his notes. If they're trying to take the program apart, it was best to start from the beginning.

While John was packing for the mission, Clarice approached him and revealed to him that two years ago, she was troubled by some Purifiers in Clarke County and they basically ran her out of town. She was upset, and started looking for people who felt the same way as her. She found some fellow mutants who were pushing back but as it later turned out that they were apart of the Brotherhood. John took this to mean that Clarice joined the Brotherhood, but she insisted that was never the case. She simply helped them with a few things, but when they asked her to do certain other actions that she wasn't comfortable with, she left.

When John asks why she didn't tell them that from the beginning, Clarice explained that Sage asked what she was arrested for and nothing Clarice did with the Brotherhood of Mutants led to her arrest. John grew angry at the fact that she hid this from them. He told her that when he went to look for her after she left, he did that because he thought she was one of them, but now he was starting to rethink that. John, Lorna, Marcos, Clarice, Esme, Sophie and Phoebe arrived at a very large and expensive looking safe house in Charlottevile.

Clarice noted that it looked "boujee", so the Sisters sarcastically offered to accommodate by bringing in mold and smashing holes in the floor. Esme then saw them inside, during which time she informd them that the safe house cand with a full security system, and they set up for a variety of interrogation methods. Although, Esme should be able to extract any information they needed. They noted that The X-Men started the Underground before they vanished, but didn't leave them with much.

While the Hellfire Club's founders, the Brotherhood, left them with a lot more. In half an hour, their ticket to the summit would be driving down a road near the safe house, so they needed to get ready. Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris, Blink and Esme were in position. Eclipse was upset with the Frost Sisters method of getting them into the summit, which was done through their kidnapping of Franklin Bennett, a big fundraiser for anti-mutant causes. He attended the Humanity Today Summit every year. If they were with him, they could get past the gate. Thunderbird's research of him revealed that he made a ton of money in pharmaceuticals. When he retired, he decided he wanted to contribute to society. His way of giving back was going after mutants. As the silver sedan approached, Blink and Esme pull out into the road to block its path, thus forcing Bennett to a stop.

Polaris threw several knives into the man's car, flattening his tires. Thunderbird then ripled his door off and Eclipse told him to get out. The team brung Bennett back to the safe house for interrogation. The Frost Sisters handcuffed him to a chair and forced him to make a phone call to the Humanity Today Summit. Meanwhile, John and Marcos got dressed in security uniform. While John knew that Marcos was not a fan of the Frost Sisters, he had to be in if someone's going to offer a lot of help to take down the people that killed a Pulse and Sonya. Marcos told him he was only doing this for John and Lorna, but he honestly did not like it.

John explained that when he was in Afghanistan, in the Marines, he had to work with a lot of people he didn't like, but they have to fight the fight that's in front of them. John and Marcos then entered the den to find the Frost Sisters torturing Bennett, though Clarice brings an end to it. Not long after, the team made it past the front gate of the summit with Bennett as planned. John and Clarice discussed their end of the plan.

Clarice could get them past the guards, onto the balcony and John would have to take them to the elevator from there. John then addressed Clarice actions in stopping the Frost Sisters from torturing Bennett as he was beginning to think that he was too harsh with her earlier about her past with the Brotherhood as all that mattered at that moment is who she was now. That she's one of them. John and Clarice then kissed.

Right after that, Clarice portaled Eclipse, Thunderbird and herself into the Summit. Thunderbird, Blink and Eclipse proceeded further into the building. Thunderbird's foresight allowed him to track Campbell throughout the building. He was coming up with a few guards in the elevator. And there were 3 more armed guards in the suits down the hall. Thunderbird and Eclipse waited on the opposite side of the elevator for Dr. Campbell to exit. When he did, Eclipse blinded them with a bright ray of light. Unfortunately, he then was attacked by Aide one of Campbells Hounds while Thunderbird is preoccupied with stopping the armed guards. Once he finishes with the guards, Thunderbird takes out Aide as well.

However, before they could get to Campbell, a group of children exit the elevator. Campbell picked up a gun and used the children as leverage/human shields for his escape. Their troubles did not end there as the aforementioned 3 armed guards exited the suit and began firing. Eclipse made it to cover while Thunderbird was hit several time while protecting Blink from the gunfire. Luckily, his bullet proof protected them both.


Thunderbird, Eclipse and Blink portaled back to the drop off location after escaping the armed guards. Esme was irritated that they didn't return with Dr. Campbell, even as Eclipse explained, that it wasn't their fault as Campbell shielded himself with a bunch of children. Not that Esme cared as a lot of people would die if the Hound program continued so she refused to leave without him. However with security moving in, they had no choice but to flee the scene. Which lead to a car chase as law enforcement was right behind them, though not for long as Polaris yanked down a utility pole to obstruct law enforcement's path, allowing the team to get away.

Upon returning to the safe house, Esme questioned how they could let Campbell escape. Marcos asked what more could they have done other than attack a bunch of innocent children, which he, John and Clarice were against. However because they let Campbell getaway, he was now on his way to D.C. with the Senator, and after the attack at the Summit, they gave them even more reason to expand the Hound program. What they needed to figure out now was where Campbell was so they could finish what they started.

John later tried to call HQ but no one picked up. Marcos then came downstairs to inform him and Clarice that he could not find Lorna. John tried to track her, but she left the safe house with Sophie and Phoebe. John, Marcos and Clarice angrily confronted Esme, who revealed that Lorna and her sisters were doing what the rest of them couldn't; killing Campbell and Montez while they were on their flight plan. She then revealed that they would fly out of Morrison Air Center in 20 minutes As the most important thing was to make sure he did not get to D.C. John, Marcos and Clarice then realized much to their horror that the plan had now gone from a kidnapping to an assassination.

While John had as much of a reason to hate Campbell as anyone, assassinating him went against everything they stood for as if they started killing, it would make life worse for mutants everywhere. Esme however argued that life was already worse for mutants everywhere. Marcos then lost his patients and demanded that Esme shut up and told her that they were going to get Lorna, and threatened that if he even saw Esme's eyes turn blue, he would blind her permanently.

While in route to stop the assassination, John, Clarice and Marcos hoped to reach the airport before Lorna did something she regret. Marcos blamed himself for not knowing and stopping her As ever since they broke her out of that convoy she had been different. John knew that she had issues in the past, but Clarice and Marcos assured him that it was not a bipolar episode. Lorna knew exactly what she was doing. John, Marcos and Clarice arrived on the scene at the airport to find Lorna waiting to make her move against Campbell and Montez. She told them that this was something she had to do before begging them to stay out her way.

As they moved forward Lorna blocked their path with barbed wire. Eclipse tried to reason with her, reminding her of what happened on 7/15 and all the innocent lives that were lost. Reminding her that not everyone on the plane was trying to hurt them and if she took the plane down, they would die. Lorna however pointed out that if she did not bring it down the innocent people on their side would die. Thunderbird told her that she is not a killer and that this was not why the X-Men chose them. Lorna however claimd that the X-Men made a mistake in picking her.

Like Marcos, Lorna cared about her family and wanted to keep them safe but they merely had different ways of approaching the matter. Lorna claimed that she was tired of hiding and that they had to take a stand. However, Marcos countered that their kid will have to live in this forever changed world if she killed Montez and Campbell. Lorna simply replied that it was time to make a new world. As the plane carrying Senator Montez and Dr. Campbell took flight, Lorna tore it apart in the sky, causing the plane to crash and presumably killing everyone on board. The blast from the impact knocked Marcos, John and Clarice to the ground.

By the time they get up, Lorna was gone. Later at Nashville, Tennessee, the Underground regrouped at the Mutant Way Station with John, Marcos and Clarice arrivin some time later. When they dI'd Sage informed them that while it was close, everyone got out. If not for Andy and Lauren, they would all be dead. Sage went onto tell them that the station was completely gone, as were the Hounds, who Andy and Lauren killed when destroying the station.

John and Marcos had an especially hard time taking this in as they put everything into the station. Marcos asked if there been any word from Lorna, Sage told him that there hadnt been. John announceed that they needed to start thinking about next steps as with Headquarters gone, a lot of people had nowhere to go. Marcos told them they would rebuild as it was not just about the building, but more so the network and the people in it. Although, Sage, Shatter and Fade doubt that it be even possible to start from nothing.

Furthermore, Sage pointed out that since the Struckers arrived, half their stations have been destroyed, but Caitlin countered that the Hound program was coming one way or another. Marcos explained that the X-Men did this knowing it would take struggle and sacrifice. Lorna then interrupted with Esme, telling them that there was nothing noble about struggle and that the Mutant Underground was dying but a world that they've always talked about where they don't have to hide and live in fear, she wanted to build that for them. Lorna and Esme intended to rebuild the Hellfire Club but they needed people and the people they came for knew who they were, which included Fade, Mark and Sage, who apologized to John for switching allegiance, but for her this was just about survival. Last to join them was Andy, who felt as if it was his birthright.


Six months after escaping from Sentinel Services in Atlanta, John, Clarice, Marcos and the Struckers escaped to Washington D.C where they continued helping mutants in danger. When Sentinel Services raided an apartment complex in DC. which Reed Stucker found out about while listening in to the radio he phoned to inform John and the rest of the Mutant Underground. John called on Marcos, and Clarice and the others to mount a rescue mission.In the end Eclipse managed to find a group of mutants hiding away and took them in while Blink and Lauren managed to locate another group that were cornered by Sentinel Services who Blink and Lauren managed to get to safety.

The group later held a meeting where Eclipse having grown desperate to find Lorna since he knows his child is going to be born soon revealed he reached out to a mutant hacker group for information much to John, Clarice, and Reeds chagrin as it put them in danger and risked ruining their cover that they died in Atlanta. However Marcos told John with the imminent arrival of his child he was done being careful.

John and Clarice later took care of one of the kids they rescued, Christina, from the apartment complex who was still looking for her younger sister.

When going out to locate Christina sister Clarice disguised her mutant features so that she and John could search for Christina’s sister. Clarice pointed out that while she has her eye-color changing contacts in she can’t use her portals and voice how she disliked having to hide.

Returning Clarice, John, and Lauren Christina that her sister got picked up at a bus stop, but they did know who it was. Suddenly Marcos showed up with Caitlin bleeding out of her side the two having gone to the hackers. John called Reed and told him what happened and to bring a suture kit for Caitlin.

Later suddenly the lights started to flicker in Eclipse’s apartment. With the same effect happening in neighboring buildings. Which Caitlin suggested was due to Lorna going into labor and about to deliver her child.

The Mutant Underground tries to track the electrical surges to find Lorna with John using his powers to track the current. However when the entire electrical grid went out the trail went cold as without the electricity, the Underground could not track Lorna much to Marcos anguish.


John walked in on a depressed Marcos using his powers to forge a trinket for his child. The two discussed whether it's better or worse for Marcos to give up hope on ever finding Lorna and his Child. John however then said that he may know someone who could help them. Later while sleeping John was thinking about what happened to the Atlanta station when Clarice woke up beside him. He proceeded to reveal to Clarice that he and Evangaline had a complicated relationship. Telling her about Evangalines efforts to help detox him and get clean after that meeting in the bar.

Going to Evangeline's law office she revealed that she was upset at John as she blamed him for the fall of the Atlanta station of the Mutant Underground, but became interested when they mentioned the Inner Circle as she was surprised that they managed to get any info on the group without getting someone killed.

Evangaline associates managed to trace some of the Inner Circle’s purchases and found out about Reeva. She then revealed that Reeva was preparing the Inner Circle for a war. John asked Evangaline for help to take the Inner Circle down, but she refused believing that they didn't the power or resources to stop the Inner Circle, especially after Johns failure in Atlanta and told them to leave.

Blaming himself for the collapse pf the Atlanta station but refusing to leave empty handed John went back up to speak to Evangaline privately. While she was convinced that John and the others can’t win John told her that mutants needed something to believe in. Relenting she told John about a mutant separatist named Erg who lived in the underground tunnels who might be able to help them but warned John that fighting the Inner Circle was a lost cause and that Andy and Lorna were never returning to them claiming they would either be killed by Reeva herself or they would have to kill them in self defense.

John returned home and told Clarice about the trip. Clarice could tell that something was bothering him, but John told her that everything was fine. However later at night John gets out of bed while Clarice was still sleeping and went outside to punch a truck, releasing his anger as he thought about Pulse, Dreamer and all the other friends he's lost.


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Character traits

John is a strong-willed and caring individual who takes his position as the leader of the Mutant Underground very seriously. He routinely risks his life to help other mutants and is a very militant minded individual with vast skills and leading capability.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Thunderbird is a very powerful mutant who possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina, senses, foresight, etc.
    • Superhuman Strength: Thunderbird is much stronger than normal humans and most other mutants. With his bare hands, he can break metal chains, crush concrete and rip the doors off of cars, as well as leave a large dent on a steel safe after punching it. Thunderbird was even proven to be much stronger than Chloe Tan, who possessed superhuman strength herself.
    • Superhuman Durability: Thunderbird is far more durable than normal humans and most other mutants. He was able to withstand the severed tailgate of a truck crashing into him without injury, as well as withstand a barrage of handgun bullets without getting hurt.
    • Superhuman Speed: Thunderbird is much faster than normal humans and most other mutants. He can exert great force in his movements.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Thunderbird's reflexes are much faster than normal humans and most other mutants. He is able to catch projectiles in mid-air, as seen when he grabbed a piece of twisted metal from an exploding car before it could hit an innocent bystander.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Thunderbird possesses far more stamina than normal humans and most other mutants; allowing him to remain physically active for long periods of time.
    • Superhuman Senses: Thunderbird's senses are far more greatly developed than normal humans and most other mutants. He can see much further away and hear with amazing clarity at greater distance, even frequencies outside normal range. Thunderbird's sense of smell is greatly amplified, allowing him to track subjects miles away. Even his sense of touch is amplified, allowing him to feel vibrations through the ground and identify them.
      • Night Vision: Due Thunderbird's superhuman senses; he can see clearly in the dark.
      • Thermal Vision:Due Thunderbird's superhuman senses; he can see thermal signatures.
    • Precognition: Thunderbird can foresee certain events before they happen. He can also see glimpses of the recent past and near future when focusing on a specific location or individual.


  • Expert Tracker: Due to John's superhuman senses; he is a highly skilled tracker.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: As a former soldier, Thunderbird is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant; he was able to easily defeat a police officer with only one hand, he was also able to overpower and take down a Sentinel Services agent even while his powers were nullified by Pulse, even without his superhuman physical attributes; he is still a capable hand-to-hand combatant. Thunderbird's combat skills combined with his superhuman physical attributes; makes him a formidable opponent alone in single combat.


  • Limited Durability: Although Thunderbird is incredibly durable, he does have his limits, objects, weapons or other mutants with enough force can injure him; a point blank blast by a shotgun is enough to make him bleed and severely injure him, but not enough to actually kill him.
  • Limited Speed: Although Thunderbird is incredibly fast, he does have his limits; he was unable to match Chloe Tan in terms of physical speed.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Thunderbird is the brother of Warpath; Warpath has the same powers as his brother, but to a much greater degree.
  • Thunderbird made his first appearance in 1975 comic series titled "Giant-Size X-Men #1".
  • Thunderbird is known for being killed off shortly after his introduction in the comics.
  • After John's death, his genetic material was reclaimed by Mister Sinister and used to give himself a mutant gene.


The Gifted

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Promotion, Filming and Concept Art