John Slattery

John Slattery portrayed Howard Stark in Iron Man 2, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame.

Significant roles

  • Graham Parker in Before the Storm (1991)
  • Graham Parker in Under Cover (1991)
  • Fred Carlson in Sleepers (1996)
  • Kevin Murphy in Where's Marlowe? (1998)
  • Maxwell Slade in Sam the Man (2000)
  • Al Kahn in Homefront (1991-2000)
  • Jay Follett in A Death in the Family (2002)
  • Roland Yates in Bad Company (2002)
  • Dennis Martino in Ed (2002-2003)
  • Tommy Flannegan in K Street (2003)
  • Bert Miller in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
  • Peter Benedict in Jack & Bobby (2004-2005)
  • Bud Gerber in Flags of Our Fathers (2006)
  • Steve Cutter in Reservation Road (2007)
  • Victor Lang in Desperate Housewives (2007)
  • Roger Sterling in Mad Men (2007-2010)


  • "I saw Jon Favreau recently and he couldn’t be a better person to work with. That is a huge operation – he acted as though we had all the time in the world to shoot what we had to shoot, so he was very supportive and I’d work with the guy any time."
  • "No, they haven't [called me for Iron Man 3]. I was kind of hoping for that in the beginning, but the character in Captain America was 20 years earlier than the part I played, which was already 30 years earlier than the time of the film, so the short answer is no! Would I like to do Avengers 2? Yeah!"
  • "It’s the biggest set I’ve ever seen, I think, or I’ve ever been on certainly. It’s just a gigantic room and there’s numbers and girders and you think, is that what green screen looks like? And things change so fast. The way you did special effects last year can be completed outmoded in three months when they figure out some other way of generating some image. But yeah it certainly has become like it’s an industry. Marvel is just this unbelievable force now."
  • "No, I haven’t watched any of it. It took me two years to watch my own. Well no, that’s not true. I’ve seen scenes and I’ve seen him in other things and he’s terrific. I’ve never met him and I’m not a very knowledgeable fan. I’m sure people have, 'How dare he play this when Dominic…?!' I don’t really get into that so much. My participation hasn’t been that involved. I was there for a day and whenever we did Iron Man 2, it was not that much more involved this time."
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