Jonathan Pangborn
Jonathan Pangborn DS
Appeared in Doctor Strange
Status Alive
Actor Benjamin Bratt
Jonathan Pangborn is a man who studied under the Ancient One.


Doctor Strange

Jonathan Pangborn had been in an accident at some point and rendered a paraplegic. When he went to Dr. Stephen Strange, he was told that his condition was unable to be healed.

Sometime after this, Pangborn had gone to Kamar-Taj and found the Ancient One. He was able to walk again thanks to learning magic.

After Strange had been in a car accident and was unable to use his hands properly, he was told by a physical therapist that Pangborn had been able to walk again. So then Strange went to see Pangborn, who was in a basketball court. He asked him how he had been able to walk again.

Pangborn told him to seek out the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj, and that he could be healed that way.

In an after credits scene, Pangborn is confronted by Karl Mordo. Pangborn uses a crowbar, trying to defend himself, but he is overpowered by Mordo. Mordo steals Pangborn's magic, rendering him a paraplegic once again. He then states that he had done this because the Earth had too many magicians.

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Doctor Strange

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