"I lost my daughter in the 7/15 incident."
―Jace Turner[src]

The energy blast that killed Jace Turners daughter.

The July 15th Incident alternately known as the 7/15th Incident was an incident in Dallas, Texas in which a mutant rally turned violent with a mutant unleashing their powers killing and harming numerous bystanders. The X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants disappeared soon after.


"7/15 started out as a peaceful protest. Innocent people died on both sides"
―Marcos to Jace Turner[src]

On July 15th in the park of Dallas, Texas a protest for mutant rights was being held however a fight apparently broke out and a mutant using their ability ended up blasting the park and killing Sentinel Services agent Jace Turners daughter Grace in the process.


Shortly after the incident, the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants disappeared. In their place the Mutant Underground was formed by John Proudstar to protect mutants from humans who wanted revenge.


  • Earth-10005 (1 TV series)


  • The July 15th incident is a subtle nod to the release date of the first X-Men film which was released July14th 2000.
  • The July 15th incident also shares some paralles with the September 11th terrorist attacks.
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