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Appeared in Elektra
Status Deceased
Actor Edison T. Ribeiro
Kinkou was a ninja from The Hand.



Kinkou was a member of Kirigi's mutant elite, and he appears along with his teammates at The Hand high council, receiving the mission to kidnap Abby Miller and kill her protector Elektra Natchios. When the team tracks down the objectives, Kinkou was the first to find them in the forest near McCabe's safe house. He engages Mark Miller and her daughter in a fight, but he's defeated and killed with one of his own daggers.

Character traits

Kinkou was seen to be the weakest ninja in Kirigi's team, and the only one with no visible mutant power. He's quite skilled in martial arts, though, and expert in close combat.



Behind the scenes

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  • Kinkou is the only ninja in Kirigi's team not to have any visible power, nor to have a comic book counterpart, aside from Typhoid. However, in Typhoid's case, despite also being an original character, she was in fact named after Typhoid Mary, a rouge from the Daredevil comics.