Alias(es) Erg
Appeared in The Gifted
Status Alive
Actor Michael Luwoye
"The X-Men didn’t fight for freedom, they fought for tolerance and you want to know what people tolerate? The things they hate."
―Erg to Blink[src]

Leo, also known as Erg, is a mutant and the leader of the Morlocks.


The Gifted


Erg encountered John and Clarice A.K.A Thunderbird and Blink in the sewers under Washington D.C. After learning that they were to sent to him by Evangeline Whedon, an associate of the X-Men and the Mutant Underground. Erg decided to talk, but only with Blink.

Clarice informed Erg that two of their friends were taken by the Inner Circle and that they wanted to know what they were up to. Though Erg claimed that while usually, he did dump them both back on the surface and hide the entrance to the tunnels, but he found Clarice's teleportation powers, useful to him. He went onto to state that Clarice had a link to his group as she was a mutant who didn't hide her visible mutation.

Erg brought Clarice to a large chamber that housed the Morlocks, which Erg dubbed "the real Underground"; mutants who lived open and unafraid of society and persecution as it was there they chose not look like people on the surface and fight for freedom. Clarice told him that the Mutant Underground was also fighting for freedom. Upon bringing up the X-Men, Erg cut her off by stating the X-Men ultimately fought for only tolerance, not peace and people only tolerated what they hate. Clarice, however, stated that she still believed it was something worth fighting for. Erg, however, insisted she tell that to fellow Morlock, Mara who once lived in Fairfield, went to school, as her parents wanted her to grow up normal despite being a mutant. He explained how Mara possessed sonic abilities to travel similar to a bat, and revealed that one day a group of Purifiers heard her and decided her clicks might have been dangerous. As a result, they brutally beat her and cut out her voice box. Erg then declared that his only mission is to help his people and that if Clarice wanted his help, she must help them in return. Clarice reluctantly agreed to be his spy on the surface in exchange for the information she desired.

Character traits

Erg is a man that believes in protecting his own and nothing more. As a result he does not care about the X-Men and the Mutant Underground's struggle for freedom or mutant tolerance nor the Brotherhood of Mutants and Inner Circles belief of mutant domination over humans.


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Behind the scenes

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  • Erg first debuted in the comics in an issue of Power Pack.


The Gifted

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