Leonard Kirk
Appeared in Fantastic Four
Status Alive
Actor Hamish Linklater
Leonard Kirk is the assistant of Victor von Doom.


Fantastic Four

Leonard Kirk was hired as Director of Communications at Von Doom Industries and as Victor von Doom's right hand man. He suggests to Doom, after Reed Richards and Ben Grimm's project, that it may be a bad idea to go along with Richard's plan, but Doom replies that Richard is always right.

Leonard later assists Doom in getting ready to make his presentation, giving him his ring and about their investments. Later on, after the accident that creates the Fantastic Four, Leonard and Doom discuss Doom's publicity. And after Ben Grimm's disappearance, Leonard and Doom discuss finding him, not wanting the press to find out about his reaction.

The Fantastic Four make their appearance to the press and cause problems for Doom's business, which leads Leonard to ask what they will do. Doom replies that he will cure the Fantastic Four. Later on Doom begins to show symptoms of his power, and Leonard grows concern for Doom's metallic scars. He asks if Doom is feeling well, but Doom ignores him, focused on Richard's cause that sent his company to bankruptcy.

Leonard is last seen when Doom is being shipped back to Latveria, weary that Doom may still be alive, due to static that disrupts a few technological tools for a moment.

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