Linus Lieberman
Alias(es) Microchip
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Deceased
Actor Wayne Knight
"I'm posing as a one-armed Wahhabi warrior who took a crap in a cave next to bin Laden. I think I can score you a couple of rocket launchers."

Linus "Microchip" Lieberman (often known as Micro) was an ally of The Punisher for many years. He assisted the Punisher by building weapons, supplying technology and providing friendship.


Punisher: War Zone

Linus Lieberman, Micro for friends, is the secret armorer of The Punisher, a source of information on criminals' activities and his only friend. He lives with his physically disable mother and helps Castle in his war against crime providing him weapons.

When Nicky Donatelli is killed, The Punisher wishes to stop his vigilante activity and goes to Microchip in order to inform him. Micro tries to convince him not to do this, claiming that there's need of people like Castle in the world. He manages, at least, to convince him to kill Jigsaw and his brother first, and then reconsider his position. He then tells Carlos Cruz, a former criminal that he has rehabilitated, to help The Punisher find Maginty and gives them both new weapons.

When Jigsaw discovers Micro's existence, he has his mother killed and kidnaps him, in order to take him hostage. When The Punisher breaks in Jigsaw's base, the criminal forces him to choose who's to be saved: if he choses Micro, Jigsaw will shoot Grace Donatelli, if he choses Grace, Loony Bin Jim will shoot Micro. Micro tells The Punisher to shoot him, wanting to save the family's life, and Frank agrees, asking for forgiveness and telling him that he won't feel anything, at least. He then shoots Jim, while Jigsaw, enraged, shoots Micro in the head, killing him instantly.

Character traits

Micro is the only person that Frank Castle can call a friend. He gives him weapons and infos that can help him in his crusade against criminals, and he firmly believes in The Punisher's philosophy, helping him to come back in action when he wants to stop for having killed a cop by mistake.

He's also a noble and altruistic person, asking Frank to let him die to save Grace Donatelli and her child.


Behind the scenes

  • Micro was supposed to appear in The Punisher, but was considered "too hightech" and the character was replaced with Mickey Duka.


  • In the comics, Micro was actually killed by The Punisher himself when he helps the CIA in capturing him.
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