Lonnie Lincoln
Alias(es) Tombstone
Appeared in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Status Alive
Actor Marvin Jones III

Lonnie Lincoln, also known as Tombstone, is a powerful gangster who serves as one of the Kingpin's main enforcers.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

He is first seen with Kingpin after he and the others after they find a battered Spider-Man after the Collider went off. Tombstone watched his boss kill the hero and took to disposing of the body on his orders

Later on, he and Kingpin arrive at Alchemax where they meet with Doc Ock. He watched her try to tell him of the repercussions but he is not interested and gives her a deadline of twenty four hours.

During chaos at the lab, he witnessed two people dressed up like the Spider-Man being chased. When Doc Ock arrives, Tombstone aims his dual guns at her, though she restrains him with her tentacle. Tombstone watches Kingpin question her on why he saw two Spider-Men, despite killing the hero and is not pleased when she informs him of a third Spider-person. Doc Ock tells him that this was a good thing in a way, as this meant her machine worked, since it brought them and they only need to kill a couple of "spiders" to complete his goal of bringing back his family. Seeing her point, he withholds Tombstone from killing her and tells her that the collider will be up and running.

Soon he and the rest of the enforcers are notified by Prowler tailing one of the Spider-men to the home of the dead Spider-Man's Aunt May. They arrive at the house, with Tombstone calling Miles' act sloppy because he allowed them to find his allies. A fight ensues, with Tombstone fighting Spider-Man (Noir) before he is hit with a bat by May Parker for destroying her home.

He is later at the gala hosted by Kingpin for the dead Spider-Man. Afterwards, he is at the Collider, taking part in the ambush of the heroes. He fights Spider-Noir and the latter easily defeats Tombstone with his fists and flinging a car at him, knocking him out.

Along with Kingpin and Scorpion, he is arrested by Jefferson Davis for their crimes on the city.

Character traits

He is mostly stoic and silent in his appearances.

He can be condescending, as seen when he took to mocking Miles in unknowingly leading the villains to his allies and learning there were other Spider-people.


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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