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Lucien Crown, also known as Milo, was a wealthy scion. Lucien was the best friend and estranged surrogate brother of Michael Morbius, who had the same rare blood disease that Michael had.

After Michael refused to give Lucien a failed cure that he had created, Milo stole the serum and injected it into himself and gained superhuman and bat-like attributes.

After becoming a living vampire, Milo went on a killing spree, embracing his monstrous side, which put him into a confrontation against his former best friend, Michael, who still held onto his morals and honour, even after becoming a living vampire himself.

Milo was killed by Michael when he injected him with antibody, a serum that is deadly to bats, humans and other living vampires alike, putting an end to Milo's reign of terror for good.



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Character traits

Milo was impulsive, possessive, hedonistic and lacks empathy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Living Vampire Physiology: After being injected with the Morbius Formula, Milo gained superhuman attributes including superhuman strength, accelerated perception and an accelerated healing factor. Milo also developed a humanoid bat-like appearance with pale skin, bright red eyes, and razor-sharp teeth and claws.
    • Transformation: Milo was capable of transforming between his human and humanoid bat forms at will.
    • Superhuman Strength: Milo was much stronger than normal humans. He was able to overpower a group of police officers relatively easily. Milo's strength was also rivaled only by other living vampires.
    • Superhuman Durability: Milo was far more durable than normal humans. He could withstand great impacts, such as surviving falls from tremendous heights, that would have severely injured or killed a normal human.
    • Superhuman Speed: Milo was much faster than normal humans. He could generate an aura of energy currents and mist-like shapes into his movements. Milo could move so fast that he looks like that he was turning into mist, but in truth, he was actually moving too fast for the human eye to perceive.
    • Superhuman Agility: Milo was far more agile than normal humans.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Milo's reflexes were much faster than normal humans. He could dodge or counter any attack, such as gunfire, even at point-blank range.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Milo possessed far more stamina than normal humans, allowing him to remain physically active for long periods of time.
    • Superhuman Senses: Milo's senses were more greatly developed than normal humans. He could pick up even the faintest of sounds and smells over vast distances.
      • Night Vision: Due to Milo's superhuman senses, he could see clearly in the dark.
    • Accelerated Perception: Milo could process information, and think much faster than normal humans. He was able see bullets moving in slow motion, despite the fact that they were moving at high speeds.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Milo's metabolism allows him to heal much faster, more extensively, and efficiently than normal humans.
    • Gliding: Milo was able to glide on air currents at amazing speeds and at high altitudes, simulating flight.
    • Razor-Sharp Teeth: Milo possessed razor-sharp teeth, that were capable of biting through most other materials, such as flesh, wood, stone and metal.
    • Razor-Sharp Claws: Milo possessed five razor-sharp claws on each of his hands, that were capable of cutting through most other materials, such as flesh, wood, stone and metal.
    • Wall-Crawling: Milo was able to stick or grip onto any surface, much like any bat would, by using his fingertips and feet.
    • Echolocation: By manipulating reflected sound or sound waves, Milo was able to locate objects or other individuals over vast distances.
    • Vampirization: Milo was able turn other humans into other living vampires, when they were exposed to his vampiric blood.


  • Expert Tactician: Milo was a highly skilled tactician, he waited until the guys from the bar, who had gotten on his bad side after disrespecting him for no clear reason at all, had left before killing them, as Milo knew full-well that if he had killed them inside the the bar, it would have exposed his status as a vampire.
  • Skilled Thief: Milo was skilled in the art of thievery, he was able to steal Michael Morbius' serum from Horizon Labs without getting caught, despite the fact that its security system is state of the art.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Milo was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as a child, he was able to beat one of the school kids to a bloody pulp, for trying to steal his letter. Milo's combat skills combined with his superhuman physical attributes, made him a formidable opponent in single combat.


  • Antibody: Due to his living vampire physiology being similar to that of actual bats, Milo was vulnerable to the antibody and after being injected with a massive amount of this serum, it killed him.
  • Bloodlust: He had a thirst for human blood and needed to regularly feed to satiate his bloodlust.
  • Lack of flight: Milo could not actually fly and instead glided, without air currents Milo was unable to glide through the sky.

Former Weaknesses

  • Blood Disease: Milo had a rare blood disease that prevented his body from creating blood meaning he had to be given new blood three times a day, but this only suppressed or slowed Milo's medical condition rather than cured it. After becoming a living vampire, this was no longer a weakness for Milo.
  • Lack of control: When Milo transformed into his humanoid bat form for the first time, he was extremely feral and didn't have any awareness and control over his actions; he even killed Kristen Sutton in cold blood. After Milo came out of his feral state, he had complete awareness and control over his actions.



Behind the scenes

  • Matt Smith joined the film, after previously turning down other superhero film roles, due to director Daniel Espinosa's involvement and encouragement from his former Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan, who portrays Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  • Matt Smith is the third actor who played an incarnation of Doctor Who (Smith was the Eleventh Doctor) to appear in a Marvel Comics film, after Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor, Malekith in Thor: The Dark World) and David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor, Kilgrave in Jessica Jones). All three have taken on villainous comic-book roles.
    • In addition, Andrew Garfield appeared in the Tenth Doctor episodes "The Daleks Take Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks".
  • Matt Smith was originally announced to be cast as Loxias Crown but was later revealed to be Milo a "new character". He was actually born the similarly sounding Lucien Crown and has some similarities to the comic book version of Loxias Crown/Hunger and Morbius himself.



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Promotion, Filming and Concept Art

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