Luke Goss

Luke Goss

Luke Goss portrayed Jared Nomak in Blade II.

Significant roles

  • Saul in Two Days, Nine Lives (2001)
  • The Creature in Frankenstein (2004)
  • Charlie Richardson in Charlie (2004)
  • John Dark in Cold and Dark (2005)
  • Joey/Kane in The Man (2005)
  • Xerxes in A Night With the King (2006)
  • Eddie in Bone Dry (2007)
  • Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
  • David in Annihilation Earth (2009)
  • Steve Fox in Tekken (2010)


  • "Yeah, Nomak, that guy was just a journey. On the page there is hardly anything there, but his presence in the film is massive. I wanted to create a man or mutant that was not just a bad guy but hugely funded by the pain and embarrassment from his father. Those kind of conversations were the reason Guillermo and I got along, that was our first meeting and working together. The makeup was more exhausting even though it was quick running about four and half hours. It was much thicker and heavier. Trying to give Nomak life through the makeup was a challenge. It was also my first role in prosthetics. Out of my twenty nine movies, I have only done three like that. It was hours in front of the mirror working out the psychics of how it works so when you make an emotion how much you should add or shouldn’t. It was a real learning curve for me as an actor. It was a baptism by fire. Jumping straight into the deep end and that character in the movie was very important."
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