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Madame Web is the fourth film in Sony's Spider-Man Universe follows Cassandra Webb who gains powers of seeing the future must protect a three women from her mother's murder.


In 1973, a research team led by Ezekiel Sims and his pregnant partner Constance Webb discovered an unidentified species of spider in the jungles of Peru with rare healing properties. Ezekiel betrayed the team and claimed the spider for himself before leaving Constance for dead. An indigenous tribe attempts to save Constance, but she dies shortly after giving birth to a girl whom she names Cassandra.

In 2003, Cassandra, going by "Cassie", lives alone in Queens, New York, working as a paramedic alongside her co-workers Benjamin "Ben" Parker and O'Neil. While saving a driver from a car hanging off a bridge, Cassie falls into the water and has a near-death experience. Ben revives her but she begins to experience visions. Initially, she dismisses them as déjà vu, but after failing to prevent O'Neil's death, Cassie realizes that she can see into the future.

Ezekiel, who has gained the same power as Cassie along with enhanced physical abilities, collects information on three young women: Julia Cornwall, Anya Corazon, and Mattie Franklin; his visions lead him to believe that they are destined to kill him. Cassie is also drawn to the same women and intervenes to stop Ezekiel from ambushing them at Grand Central Station. She steals a taxi and takes Julia, Anya, and Mattie out of the city to hide them in a nearby forest. Cassie returns to her apartment and finds her late mother's notes which reveal Ezekiel's identity and the true nature of his powers. Ignoring Cassie's instructions, the girls go to a diner where Ezekiel finds them. After briefly incapacitating Ezekiel by ramming him with the car, Cassie takes the girls back to Queens and they take refuge in Ben's house.

Cassie flies to Peru and tracks down the tribal chief who saved her mother. The chief puts Cassie through a ritual that separates her soul from her body. She experiences a plane of higher consciousness where all living things are connected and where every possible future can be seen. She learns that her mother sought the spider to save Cassie from a fatal hereditary disease.

Ben's pregnant sister-in-law Mary goes into labor and he is forced to take the girls with him to a hospital. Ezekiel intercepts them again, but Cassie rescues the girls in an ambulance and distracts Ezekiel so Ben and Mary can escape. The group lures Ezekiel to a condemned firework factory, setting up traps to disorient him while Cassie calls for a medical evacuation helicopter to fly to their location. Ezekiel destroys the helicopter and separates the girls, then isolates Cassie where he taunts her with her mother's death.

By tapping into the Web of Life, Cassie guides Mattie, Anya, and Julia to safety. She sets off one final trap, causing Ezekiel to fall and get fatally crushed by a sign. It is Cassie, not the girls, who was destined to kill him. An ignited firework strikes Cassie in the face, blinding her. Cassie is taken to the hospital just as Mary gives birth to her son.


Continuity and References to the Sony's Spider-Man Universe[]

  • Cassandra Webb/Madame Web is introduced.
  • Julia Cornwall is introduced.
  • Mattie Franklin is introduced.
  • Anya Corazon is introduced.
  • Ezekiel Sims is introduced.
  • O'Neil is introduced.
  • Mary Parker is introduced.
  • Ben Parker is introduced.
  • Amaria is introduced.
  • Constance Webb is introduced.
  • Walter Cornwall is introduced.
  • May Reilly is mentioned.
  • Peter Parker is introduced.
  • The Daily Budge newspaper appears.


  • Her web connects them all.
  • The future lies in her web.


The film was shot in Boston, Massachusetts and New York City.


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