Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Deceased
Actor T.J. Storm

Maginty is an Irish mob boss expert of parkour.


Punisher: War Zone

Maginty is an Irish mobster, leader of an Urban Freeflow gang. He's a drug addicted and an incredible parkour performer. He's a known associate of Billy Russoti, and they often exchange between themselves informations, weapons and money. He's the one who informs Russoti of Cristu Bulat's affairs with Arabic terrorists.

When The Punisher is looking for Jigsaw, Carlos Cruz tells him that Maginty is a usual partner of the disfigured boss, and Castle tracks him down. Maginty and his gang are intercepted by the vigilante immediately after a robbery, while they're jumping from a rooftop to another. The Punisher immediately kills Maginty's two subordinates, then shoots him on his knees, preventing him to move. Being tortured, Maginty gives Castle all the informations he wants, thinking he'll let him live after. He's proved to be wrong: The Punisher throws him down the roof he's on and he's impaled on the gate below it. Since he's still breathing, The Punisher himself jumps down the roof and lands on Maginty's face, breaking his neck and almost decapitating him.

Character traits

Maginty is a psychotic criminal, continuously under drug effects, which improves his aggressivity and his euphoria. He's an expert of parkour, with an incredible agility which allows him to move acrobatically in the city. He's able in hand-to-hand combat too.


Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Maginty was one of four gang leaders embroiled in a war in the Kitchen Irish storyline, while in the movie, he's just a thug.
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