Man in Black
Appeared in X-Men: First Class
Status Deceased
Actor Oliver Platt
The Man in Black was an unknown and unnamed agent for the CIA.


X-Men: First Class

The Man in Black, as his mysterious moniker suggests, works for a covert government agency whose mission was to guard, and when appropriate, exploit our most explosive secrets. He enlists the assistance of mutants - and finds himself at the vortex of a battle that will determine the fate of humankind.

When Moira MacTaggert reports to the CIA leaders about Sebastian Shaw's menace and powers, with Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme showing them the reality of the treat, the Man in Black offers to keep the mutants in his labs out of the city. In the lab, he has Xavier and the others meet Henry McCoy, a young genius working for him, who's in reality a mutant. The Man in Black puts McCoy's inventions at Xavier's and Lehnsherr's disposal, so that they can gather a team of mutants to fight Shaw and the Hellfire Club. The team is gathered and reunited in the Man in Black's lab, but, at the Hellfire Club's first attack, the Man in Black himself is killed by Azazel, who teleports him and the other agents in the sky and lets them fall to the ground.

Character traits

The Man in Black was a CIA agent, but doesn't seem to have much of his colleagues' consideration. His interests in paranormal and futuristic engeneering has brought him his leaders' distrust, and his somewhat nerdish and lumpish attitude confirmed the CIA agents' prejudices.


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X-Men: First Class