Marci Stahl
Appeared in Daredevil
Status Alive
Actor Amy Rutberg
Marci Stahl is a lawyer at Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, formerly at Landman and Zack. Marci is also the girlfriend of Foggy Nelson.



"World on Fire"

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"The Path of the Righteous"

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"The Ones We Leave Behind"

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Character traits

Marci is outspoken, honest and has a sense of justice.

Though Marci is blunt and usually says what she feels, she hides that she truly cares for Foggy Nelson. When she saw him approaching Josie's Bar to meet her, Marci's face lit up and she checked her appearance; something that was unnecessary if it was only a "booty call" as she claimed.

Marci knows that she can be callous to others, but she is also respectful; after the death of Elena Cardenas, Marci no longer mispronounced her name.



Behind the scenes

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