Martin Vreede
Martin Vreede.jpg
Alias(es) Chief Vreede
Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Status Deceased
Actor Mark Berry

Martin Vreede was the police chief who was working with Danica Talos.


Blade: Trinity

Martin Vreede is the chief of the police department which takes in custody Blade when he's arrested by the FBI. He appeared in TV with Dr. Vance discussing about the existence of vampires, declaring that, if such a threat really existed, the police surely would have known about it. Vreede is actually a familiar of the Talos family and his assignment is to make sure that normal people don't acknowledge about vampires' existence.

When Blade is captured, Vreede excludes Agent Hale and Agent Cumberland from the case, calling his familiar colleague Edgar Vance to assure that Blade will be taken in custody by vampires. Anyway, thanks to the Nightstalkers' help, Blade manages to escape and Vreede's plan is ruined.

He's later kidnapped by Blade himself and Abigail Whistler, who force him to reveal what the vampires' "final solution" is. He brings them to a storehouse, in which hundreds of homeless people, kidnapped by Vreede and his men, are kept alive in a state of coma, serving for limitless blood source for the vampires. Disgusted by what Vreede has done, Blade kills him and then shuts the life support system of the captives down as an act of pity.

Character traits

Martin Vreede is an opportunistic and smart man, able to disguise himself as a honest police officer, while protecting vampires' affairs. He follows the strongest and only worries about his personal outcome, even if it means to damn the entire human race to a living hell under vampires' tyranny.



Behind the scenes

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