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(Jan 15, 2021)
The New Mutants
(Aug 28, 2020)
Far From Home
(July 2, 2019)
Dark Phoenix
(June 7, 2019)
Avengers: Endgame
(April 26, 2019)

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Falcon & Winter Soldier
(March 19, 2021)
Black Widow
(May 7, 2021)
(June 11, 2021)
Venom 2
(June 25, 2021)
What If...?
(Summer 2021)


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The Music Master The Music Master 10 January

New Avengers

  • 1 History:
  • 2 Potential Members:
    • 2.1 Info:
    • 2.2 Potential Co-Founders:
    • 2.3 Potential Leaders:
    • 2.4 Potential Field-Team:
    • 2.5 Potential Support-Team:

After the events of Avengers Endgame & Spider-Man: Far From Home, t…

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JACK47824 JACK47824 28 August 2020

Spider verse questions

  • Yow sup wiki community!
  • I just some few questions about a movie its about the Spider verse:
  • 1. What do you guys think will happen in spider verse 2, I know its about romance but who'll be the villains?…
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