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Code of Conduct

  • Act civil and have common courtesy toward other users.
  • Swear words are allowed as they appear in the movies/series i.e. quotes. Offensive language must not be used towards other users or to describe characters or actions.

Character Pages


This naming policy relates to characters, locations, objects and others.

  • Example 1: Star-Lord's correct article name is Peter Quill.
  • Example 2: Charlie Cox's Daredevil is the most recent version of the character so his article would be named Matthew Murdock.
  • Example 3: Ben Affleck's Daredevil is not the most recent version of the character so his article would be named Matthew Murdock (Earth-701306). There are some exceptions to the rule such as Katherine Pryde whose most recent appearance/current version is only a cameo as opposed to full roles in multiple films. In this case the multiple film roles will be the main article with the cameo being Katherine Pryde (Revised Earth-10005).
  • Example 4: If there is no designated name for the film universe the title would be named after the director of the first film in the series' surname. So Matt Salinger's Captain America would be named Steve Rogers (Pyun series).


  • Please write articles in your own words in the past tense as though everything has already happened not is happening.
  • Do not copy from other wikis or websites.
  • Use the button for the preloadable topic outline located at the top of a new article. If you are unable to do this, they should be in the following order: an infobox first, a quote if one can be sourced, a sentence or two describing the character with the character's name and aliases in bold, biography, character traits, powers and abilities if applicable, relationships, appearances/actors, behind the scenes info, trivia, gallery, see also segment to direct to a disambiguation where applicable.

Film Pages


All film names should be italicised. This is the wrong way: Iron Man 2. This is the right way: Iron Man 2.

  • Example 1: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer works fine as the article title by itself.
  • Example 2: Blade links to a disambiguation page with links to characters and films that relate to the name "Blade", therefore the title needs to become Blade (film).
  • Example 3: In some cases, more than one film has the same title so instead of (film) it should be (year of release). I.E. Blade (1998).

Disambiguation pages

For characters/objects/locations their most recent live-action film appearance should be first followed by less recent or less prominent portrayals. This should be followed by animated film appearances with the most recent first. After this, any animated and live action television show appearances. In the case of series created by Marvel Studios for Disney+, they should be treated the same way as the movies rather than like TV shows.

For films, they should appear in release order with the oldest first.

Page Move

Do not under any circumstance rename a page unless all links to that article have been updated. This also applies for articles being separated to differentiate between universes/timelines. For instance, Peter Parker was moved to Peter Parker (Earth-120703), if links weren't updated then articles such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would link to the MCU Peter Parker and not the Webb Peter Parker making the information wrong.

The same applies to naming of categories.

It's best to ask an admin whether a move should happen rather than just going ahead and moving it yourself.


Images should be official images or screen grabs from official clips or films. Low quality or leaked images will be deleted. Images should be the highest quality possible and the largest size available.


Speculation should be kept out of articles unless it is a rumors page. We only want official information here. On rumor pages sources for the rumor are preferred.

Spam and Vandalism

Spam and vandalism will not be tolerated in any capacity and will be removed with the culprit earning a block.


Blocks are a last resort other than in cases of spam and vandalism. If there is an issue or policies are not followed an admin will message first to address it. If the problem persists then a 3 day block will be put in place. If the problem continues beyond the first block, longer blocks will be put in place.