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"Look who showed up. My old friend Spider-Man."

Maxwell "Max" Dillon is the electric powered supervillain known as Electro. Dillon was transported from his universe to Earth-199999 when Peter Parker tampered with Doctor Strange's spell to make the world forget that he is Spider-Man.


Early Life

Max Dillon shared the history of his counterpart until he was transported from his universe into Earth-199999.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Due to a spell gone awry, Dillon was pulled into an alternate reality moments before his death alongside several other villains. Manifesting on top of some power lines in the middle of his overload, Dillon was attacked by the Peter Parker of that universe and blasted him. While Flint Marko contained Dillon, Peter pulled down the power lines that Dillon was charging from, defeating him. To his own surprise, Dillon was restored to physical form with his original appearance restored as well, albeit slightly different and better, due to the energy source he absorbed that is different from the ones in his reality. He was imprisoned while Peter and Norman Osborn worked on a cure for all of the villains with Peter creating a device to drain all of the excess electricity from Dillon's body. However, Norman's Green Goblin persona reasserted control and convinced the uncured villains to turn against Peter and escape. Stating that he had liked Otto Octavius better before he was cured, Dillon blasted him from the condo with a massive blast of electricity, stole the Fabricator's Arc Reactor and escaped.

Dillon battled the three Spider-Men at the Statue of Liberty alongside Lizard and Sandman. Powered by the Arc Reactor, Dillon was stronger than ever, too strong for the three Spider-Men to defeat. Octavius intervened, at first pretending to be on Dillon's side and then using his mechanical arms to remove the Arc Reactor from Dillon's chest and replace it with the cure that the Spider-Men had developed, draining Dillon of his powers and returning him to normal.

After curing Connors, Dillon's Peter Parker unmasked himself and dropped down to talk to Dillon. Dillon reassured Peter that his powers were completely gone, despondently stating that he was back to being a nobody. Peter tried to reassure Dillon that he was never a nobody, but Dillon insisted that he was and that Peter never saw him before he became Electro. Dillon complimented Peter on his looks and his work but admitted that he'd thought that Peter was going to be black. Peter apologized, but Dillon told him not to and that there had to be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere. Complaining "goddamn eels", Dillon accepted Peter's help up, giving up on his villainous ways. When Norman attacked, Octavius grabbed Dillon and carried him to safety. He was subsequently returned to his own universe when Stephen Strange cast the spell to make everyone forget Peter Parker.

Character traits

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Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Physiology: Electro developed superhuman attributes including electrogenesis, electrokinesis and electricity mimicry.
    • Organic Electricity Skin: Electro possessed an indestructible electricity form.
    • Electrogenesis: Electro could generate, create and project bright blue or yellow electricity from both of his hands, his entire body or mouth; he was able to generate at least from 10,000 volts of electricity to 10,000,000 volts of electricity simultaneously.
    • Electrokinesis: Electro could manipulate electricity; he was able to focus it into bolts of electrical lightning. He could also channel any type of external electricity.
      • Emotional State: The more Electro gave into his emotions; the stronger his electrical powers become.
    • Energy Absorption: Electro could absorb several different types of energy, particularly electricity; the more energy Electro absorbed, the stronger his electrical powers became.
    • Self-Sustenance: Electro was almost completely self-sustained; as he had no need to breathe, eat or drink at all; but he did at least need electricity to sustain his body.
    • Superhuman Senses: Electro was able to sense the presence of electrical currents or electrical devices over small or vast distances.
    • Flight: Electro was able to fly at amazing speeds and at high altitudes.
    • Teleportation: Due to Electro's electrogenesis and electrokinesis powers; he was capable of teleporting through electricity.


  • Energy Overload: If Electro absorbs too much energy; it will overload his entire body; causing Electro to dissolve and explode.
  • Lack of Shapeshifting: Electro cannot change back into his human form and is permanently trapped inside his electricity form. After being depowered by Peter Parker and Flint Marko, he regained his human form, much to his surprise, indicating that it was a side-effect and not an intentional act by Electro.
  • Water: If Electro was exposed to huge amounts of water; such as water from a fire hose; it will temporarily short-circuited his electrical powers.
  • Electricity Siphon: A device created by Peter Parker to drain his powers.


  • Arc Reactor: After being transported into an alternate universe, Electro powered himself using an Arc Reactor that he stole from Happy Hogan's Fabricator. It was taken from him by Otto Octavius.


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Behind the scenes

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Spider-Man: No Way Home

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