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Maxwell Jordan, also known as Quill, was a class 2 mutant who has porcupine-like spines he can extend or retract at will. He was also a member the Omegas and a member of the Brotherhood.


X-Men: The Last Stand

Quill was a mutant, member of The Omegas. He was present at Magneto's speech, along with his boss, Callisto. He tries to mock him, but is confronted by Pyro, until the two are stopped by their respective bosses, who have an agreement.

When The Omegas join the Brotherhood of Mutants, Quill goes to Jean Grey's place with Magneto, Callisto, Arclight and Juggernaut in order to recruit The Phoenix in the team. He stays outside to prevent the X-Men from going inside the house with Magneto and Professor X, but when Jean goes wild, he and the others start a battle, but he was easily defeated by Storm.

Later, he attacks Alcatraz with the whole Brotherhood, in an attempt to destroy the Cure's facility and kill Leech. During the battle, he reaches Worthington's lab with Arclight and Psylocke. In there, he confronts and kills Dr. Kavita Rao, and tries to do the same with Warren Worthington II, who is saved by his son. When Quill and his teammates try to escape the facility, the Phoenix is berserking and kills the three of them along with many humans and mutants present.

Character traits

Quill was a violent and aggressive mutant, ready to follow any strong lead. His mutant powers give him retractile spikes distributed all over his skull.



Behind the scenes

  • During the filming, Ken Leung's face was covered with digital markers corresponding to the spikes' position.


  • In the film X-Men: The Last Stand, the character played by Ken Leung is listed in the screen credits as Kid Omega; however his Asian appearance and his powers are those of Quill. The Commentary for X-Men: The Last Stand states that the credited name Kid Omega was a typo, and should have been credited as Quill.